Taking My Own Advice

I am excellent at giving out my opinion or advice. You don’t even have to ask me for it either. This morning was no different. My poor boyfriend.

My boyfriend is “not a morning person” and this morning he woke up with only 30 minutes to get to work. According to him the alarm clock messed up. Of course, I had my own opinions about this.

The situation lead to a conversation about why things happen, behaviors and changing those behaviors. I did a lot of the talking and gave a lot of probably unwanted advice.

Yep, my poor boyfriend. Lucky me, he is REALLY understanding.

A little while later I realized I had really overstepped AND overreacted. More importantly, I realized I had said some really valuable things that I could apply to my own life!

  • “If you don’t like something about yourself, change it”
  • “Create good habits”
  • “If it can be changed, then you just need to be willing to put in the work.”
  • “How much of this situation is about you not wanting to change?”

Yeah, patience is a virtue and lucky for me I found a guy with a lot of it! So, tonight I promptly apologized for giving opinions and advice. I followed that up with many thanks for letting me have my rant while inspiring me and this blog.

  • If I don’t like something, change it. I’ve been very unhappy with my weight and body for a long time, but have failed to make lasting changes. 
  • Create good habits. Working out and eating right are good habits I struggle with. 
  • If it can be changed, then I need to be willing to put in the work. I am willing to put in the work until the moment I actually have to. Or until it gets hard. Then I stop. 
  • How much of the situation is about me not wanting to change. A lot of it is about me just being comfortable with myself, my life and my habits. 

My words to him this morning stayed with me all day. I said things that I really needed to hear myself. Taking my own advice and putting it into action are the next step.

I feel like I am in a real learning and growing stage. I am learning more about myself now than I have in a long time. Today hurt. Realizing the truth and that I should take my own advice, hurt. Back to step one. Back to basics.

To my loving, kind and understanding boyfriend… Thank you for letting me overreact and always tell you what I think, regardless if you want to hear it or not. You actually help me more than you will ever understand. 


6 thoughts on “Taking My Own Advice

  1. krisgetshealthy

    It really is hard when you see the words coming out of your mouth and smacking you right in the face. It gives you that brief opportunity to sink or swim, and it sounds like you are going to grab onto the situation and run with it as a chance to get things going in a direction you want them to.
    I agree it is so very easy to sit and play armchair referee or armchair psychologist and tell people what you think will fix everything, but to take action is really where you have the chance to shine.
    Rock on sweetheart!

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