10 Ways I Know I am Addicted to Pinterest

It’s the latest craze taking over computers and lives across America. And once again, I am late to the party. Now that I have arrived, I just can’t stop pinning! Here are the 10 ways I know I am addicted to Pinterest.

  1. I am on Pinterest more than Facebook.
  2. I wish there was a Droid app for that.
  3. Almost 100 pins over the weekend.
  4. A wedding is not in my near future, but it’s planned – start to finish!
  5. I built a dream house far beyond my means.
  6. I design outfits that are far outside my “comfy” level.
  7. I made a grocery list based around recipes I found on Pinterest.
  8. I can not understand why my best friend doesn’t get a Pinterest account.
  9. Pinterest has cost me more money than I care to count. (Addictions are’t cheap!)
  10. I always wonder why I didn’t think of that!
What have you pinned lately?
As always, if you wish to follow my pinning, you may! 🙂

4 thoughts on “10 Ways I Know I am Addicted to Pinterest

  1. Lynsey

    I’m the same! I love me some pinterest. I almost liked it better when it wasn’t so well known. I hate how facebook is turning into pinterest though because I don’t need to see the same thing on 2 different websites. I have actually made quite a few things I’ve pinned. I also wonder why I didn’t think of some of the things I see on there. Some are so, well, DUH! I have so many recipes pinned that I can’t wait to try once I’ve lost this last 15 pounds. My aunt, 2 other friends and I actually have pinning parties and create crafts we’ve found on there once a month. I know, but I’m lame like that!

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