Just Another Weekend

My weekend kicked off with an Oktoberfest sampler.

Tasty, but a little too dark for my liking.

Saturday morning began with breakfast at Panera.
Power Breakfast Sandwich and a Non-Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Went to see a move Saturday night after work.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, and it was a relaxing one.

It’s been cooler here in Florida (read: low 80’s), so I gave my running shoes some much needed attention. 

After few quick laps around the pond to get the blood flowing and my legs moving I arrived home to a cute Golden doggie, she wanted to take a lap around the pond too.

The weekend was just long enough to relax, but it is coming to an end much to soon. Why does that always happen? And now I am off to watch football and work on some blog related chores that I have neglected in recent months!


3 thoughts on “Just Another Weekend

  1. Lynsey

    We had a nice relaxing weekend also. I did some homework and watched some movies and did nothing productive really. Love the weekends we don’t have to be anywhere at any special time.


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