Wake Me Up When September Ends

I woke up on October 1st and was immediately reassured that the summer was finally behind me. My first clue wasn’t just the flip in the calendar, but the cooler weather that welcomed me when I stepped outside. I embraced the crisp feeling that Florida had been missing since mid spring and let out a sigh of relief.

This summer was rough and many of you likely noticed my disappearance. I wish I had a fun summer story to tell you, but I don’t, not this year anyways.

In one of my last blogs I briefly mentioned my ongoing family situation, not much has changed with that. Also on the forefront of the summer were injuries, deaths, illnesses, tragedies, and depression. Hardest.Summer.Of.My.LIFE!

Things got hard and life had to take a backseat to everything else going on. This summer I was a changed person, and one that was just going through the motions.

I was very absent from blog land, Facebook, and Twitter. I put distance between friendship that I never thought I would. I spent a lot more time in my pajama’s than I ever thought I could. Going to work and life chores weren’t things I felt compelled to do. Food became my comfort. Exercise became an after thought. I’ve gained 10 pounds and the scale is balancing a fine line near 200 pounds.

Although I have a blossoming romance that has been my lifesaver and new friends that I am increasingly grateful for, in no way does that make up for the friends and obligations I neglected along the way.

This summer was physically painful, emotionally draining, and mentally challenging. I am ready for fall so I can put the heat of summer behind me. Despite the hardships encountered, I have made it to fall with only a few battle scars. I can be thankful for what I have and what I have learned.

The last few weeks life has regained some of it’s normalcy and I have enjoyed living that life. The coming weeks give me hope and my faith has been renewed. Hopefully I can begin to mend the relationships that have been tarnished. Fall has arrived just in time for me to get back to the person I am supposed to be.


13 thoughts on “Wake Me Up When September Ends

  1. Becky

    Welcome BACK!! Holy cow, I missed you! I am so sorry to hear how rough summer was. I’m glad you are well enough to come back to blogland. I hope that things get better for you and SOON!

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