Girl Meets Boy

It’s been almost 3 weeks, I guess I have kept you in the dark long enough.

Let me start from the beginning, and that’s almost 3 months ago…

This girl met a boy at work. Crazy, I know! It all started with a little small talk smack talk about sports. Yes, I am that girl who captures the hearts of guys everywhere with my vast knowledge and love of sports. Our mutual love of sports ends there because our teams are always on opposite ends of the field, if you know what I mean. 😉

Our small talk continued for weeks until the Yankees (my team) were playing against the Red Sox (his team). I decided to take our bantering to the next level, I asked for his number so I could make fun of his team during the series. Honestly, at that time, it was my only reason behind asking for his number. And so the smack talk continued for weeks until he asked me to meet him out for dinner and to watch a game. Up went my walls.

I don’t even know how many weeks went by with him asking me out, but I always had an excuse on why I couldn’t.

Finally he got the best of me and I agreed to go spend the day with him in Orlando. It was one of the best days I had in a while. I was relaxed, I was myself and I had a lot of fun! We continued to talk on a more regular basis, and it started to involve slightly less sports smack talk. I was getting to know a great guy. Then the big question came, “Want to go see a movie?”. I couldn’t say no anymore. One movie date came and went, and then another came. I was interested, to say the least. After preaching about living life and taking leaps of faith, I decided maybe I should take one myself.

After months of smack talk, small talk, and serious talk I took the leap and and decided we should be together. He should be my boyfriend. Whoa! So here I am, 3 weeks into my new relationship. You ask, I tell. 🙂

A little about us…

  • I am older, he is younger.
  • His name is Alexander. My middle name is Alexandra.
  • I am a brunette, he is a red head.
  • I am the youngest child, he is the oldest child.
  • I am the extrovert, he is the introvert.
  • I am random, he is thoughtful.
  • I am loud and obnoxious, he is calm and quiet.
  • I am adventurous, he is sensible.
  • I talk (a lot), he listens.
  • I am independent, he is chivalrous.

Relationships are about compromise. That’s something I will need to learn. We have talked about our individual plans for the future and how they impact a relationship. I have discussed, at length, my desire to move and he is open to the idea as soon as he finishes this last year of school. We’ve talked about school, career, family and a lot of other important things. What can I say? I am inquisitive. I need to know all things important! 😉

We are definitely opposites, but we bring out the best in each other. Sometimes I still have some insecurities, but I wouldn’t have taken his leap if I didn’t trust him explicitly. We have a lot of fun together doing simple things. It’s too early to tell where we are headed, but it will be an adventure for sure. I am certain that this is bound to be something special and I am happy I took a chance on us.

There ya have it! I hope that covers everything. Sorry if it isn’t too juicy, but I am happy. I am sure I’ll be back with more as our relationship unfolds. He knows about the blog, knows where to read it, and knows nothing (well almost nothing) is off limits here. Eek! 😉


21 thoughts on “Girl Meets Boy

  1. Ann

    Love, love, love!!!!!! I am SO happy for you!!!!!! It’s juicy enough (for now) – the only thing I’m missing is a picture of you and your new boyfriend!!!

  2. Erin

    HAHAHA, I agree with the commenters…..picture please!!! Thanks for sharing this story, it’s awesome and it just made my Friday! So happy things are going well for you 🙂

  3. Sara

    So excited and happy for you, Sabrina! Taking a leap of faith and going outside your comfort zone often leads to amazing things~wishing you all the best on this new adventure!

  4. Becky

    So exciting!!! Yay!! I met Hubster up at college. Nothing happened at first–we didn’t even hang out until a year after meeting! But then it blossomed into something so much more awesome. 🙂

  5. Richelle

    Yay, I’m so excited for you!

    My fiance and I met over eight years ago when we both worked at an amusement park during the summertime while we were attending college. We were friends for a long time before we started dating, and now we’re getting married in September! He is the love of my life!

  6. armageddjenn

    Goosebumps. I love new love! So happy for you, beautiful girl. Enjoy every moment of discovering this new relationship. I wish I could give ya a big squeeze right now — this is all so exciting! 🙂

  7. Meredith

    I’m excited and happy for you! Great details, like Ann said it was juicy enough for now!

    I met Ryan 3 years ago through a group of friends, we went on a couple dates, I ended up dating someone else for awhile. Long story short though we’ve been exclusively dating for a year and I just moved in with him 🙂

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