What I Love Wednesday

What I don’t love is how behind I am. I have a LOT to explain and catch up on, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow. In the mean time, to break up the monotony of my serious blogs, I am doing something a fun today. Plus, I am strapped for time! Who knew work could keep a girl so busy and tired?!?

First, I am loving my blog and everything Misty helped me do!!   🙂

Second, I love my days off! Thankfully one is in my sights (tomorrow)!!

What else I love…

Thai Chopped Chicken Salad from Panera!

Chocolate Fro-yo mixtures!

My current rotation of Fossil purses!

Red Pedicures

Old pictures of me with Warrick Dunn!


































See y’all tomorrow but before you go tell me what you are loving!! 


8 thoughts on “What I Love Wednesday

  1. Syl

    I’m loving that my kids are done school and summer can begin ;-).
    Have to ask your foot tattoo, how much did that hurt? I’ve had a design for three years that I want on my foot, but yeah I’m a bigggggg chicken!


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