Better Late Than Never…

… for our DATE!!! I know, it was supposed to be Friday, but things happened. Important things that take precedence over my blog.

First and foremost we (I) need to thank Misty for making this possible! She is super talented did a phenomenal job in helping me put this together! I know putting up with all my crazy ideas was no easy task. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Misty!! 🙂

Hopefully your address bar shows the new URL of
If it does, that means you are automatically being redirected from to HERE! And that’s perfect!

Although you shouldn’t have to, please update your blog rolls and readers.
Last time, PROMISE!

I still have some tweaks up my sleeve, but in the days coming look for these timely posts:

  • Why the change this time?
  • What’s in store for the blog and I now?
  • and…. a GIVEAWAY!!!

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