Meet Me For Coffee?

Happy Sunday night (or Monday), friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 🙂

It hasn’t been a year since I started blogging and my little blog has changed so much. The funny thing is that I have changed right along with my blog. I owe a lot of that to the wonderful friends that I have made in all of you.

Meet me for coffee, yes? What does that mean? Well, the blog is getting a makeover this week!! And meeting for coffee is a little teaser for what is to come! I am giddy with excitement and wish I could tell you show you right now! Eek!! I know the blog has changed a lot, and even from domain to domain, but I am ready to take my baby in a new direction and move it to it’s final home. My heart is completely in this. I’m beyond excited!

I have a few other posts to publish this week, but the big reveal will happen on Friday night. To thank you for your loyalty, throughout all my changes, I will have an fun giveaway starting the night of my reveal! (Seriously, I want to dish right now, but it’s just not time!)

On another note… I need new, fresh blogs to add to my reader. Please plug your own blog, or leave me some of your favorites. I am looking to add some variety to what I am already reading. Can y’all help me out with that? 😀

Ok… gotta go! See ya back later this week, and on Friday night for our Coffee date!
I promise it will be worth the wait, and AH-MA-ZING!!!! 


8 thoughts on “Meet Me For Coffee?

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  2. Meredtih

    Oooh! This is exciting! I’m excited for your changes and I’d *love* to meet you for coffee 🙂 Woohoo for big surprises!

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