Up and At ‘Em!

Early to bed, early to rise? Early bird gets the worm? Early worker gets the fresh coffee?

As the night is turning into day, I am up and at ’em! Big weekend at work which means early wake up calls. I haven’t had to be up this early for work in at least two years. Oye!!

It was just a few days ago that I was thinking about my plans for running during the summer. I know myself, and I know if I don’t get in my workout first thing in the morning, it won’t happen at night when I get home. This means, on some mornings, I will be rising at 6am to go for a run. The mere thought of waking up early makes me want to crawl back into my cozy bed.

In just a few weeks registration for the Disney Princess Half Marathon will open. No matter how glorious and cozy as my bed is, it can’t prepare me for running a half marathon. That is only something I can do. It’s going to be a summer full of challenges.
First Challenge: waking up before the sun, on a regular basis! šŸ˜¦

Sad Face:
Speaking of races… I can’t find my bib / number from myĀ first 5k on Memorial Day! I don’t know if I lost it while packing, staying at my brothers after my trip, or when I finally got home and unpacked. I almost turned my house upside down looking for it. šŸ˜¦

Thinking Big:
Yesterday’s blogĀ was one of the easiest blogs I have written. The words came naturally, and my thoughts strung together with ease. The time I took to focus on my thoughts and actually write that blog left me with a lot of pride andĀ wondrousĀ anticipation. I just hope I was able toĀ successfullyĀ translate what I am thinking and feeling to all of you, my readers!

Since my life is changing focus, I think it’s only fair that my blog can change focus too. I’ve already started to make some cosmetic changes around here, but the posts will being to change too. Less about the weigh ins and more about my living life and whatever that entails! I certainly hope y’all will stick around for the ride. šŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Up and At ‘Em!

  1. Jen Hendrickson

    Sabrina –
    I love the shift you are making. I am feeling pulled in a new direction as well. I have been “writing” the post for days but just not sure if I can hit publish. I am feeling inspired by your courage and just may have to publish tonight! I think you have a big heart and are a strong woman and you should go for it – whatever that IT is! I can’t wait to read more posts and to see how you progress toward these dreams/goals. And when you are awake at 6AM to run, know that I will be up shortly thereafter in MN getting up to run/workout too – hope that helps!!! šŸ™‚ Be well lady!


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