Alone With My Thoughts and Thinking Big!

It’s nearly 8pm and another sunny day is coming to an end in Florida. A few white wispy clouds in the sky, and temperatures that reached the uppers 90’s was enough to keep me indoors on my day off. 
My mind has been racing a mile a minute since I got the good news from my doctors last week. In a weird way I feel like I have been given a new lease on life. That’s weird, right? After all, it’s just a foot injury.
Since that day I have been thinking non-stop about everything I want to accomplish. I have an over active mind on a normal day but since last week it’s been over the top. When I started losing sleep that’s when I knew I had only scratched surface of what was going on. It was time to be alone with my thoughts and put the pencil to paper… 
I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. 
Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.
What did I come up with?
In short… I am a big thinker! More importantly, I want to make a difference!
Just to name a few specifically… 
  • I want to be actively involved in a charity. Or start one of my own. This has really been pulling at my heart, and especially hard over the last week.
  • I need to go back to school to finish the plethora of degrees I have laid out for myself.
  • I want to run a half marathon before my 27th birthday and a full before my 30th.
  • I want to adopt a baby, or two. Give them the same love my family gave me.

Looking back at my journaling from recent days; I can say with certainty that my vision is clear. Without doubt I know what I want and where I want my life to go. Up until now I may have taken the easy path. Now it’s time to take the path less traveled.

After I began to really listen to myself and realize my dreams I tweet this…

I want to make myself a better person through fitness and education, but also need to make a difference in the lives of other people. I believe that is so much more important than any weight loss goal I could make for myself.

When was the last time you spent time alone with your thoughts?
Are you thinking big? Tell me about it!


7 thoughts on “Alone With My Thoughts and Thinking Big!

  1. Liz

    I love this list. You are an amazing woman and I know that you will succeed! I need more time alone with my thoughts (and no distractions) – it is good for the introvert in me. But sometimes I think I’m the opposite, I need to start to dream small so that I can actually reach all the big things I want to.

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  3. milesforbreakfast

    Those are great goals to have. You can totally do a half marathon. It WILL change your life.

    I really want to adopt a baby but the cost is just something my husband and I cannot afford…. if ever. A friend of mine just went through the process and adopted a baby from South Korea and it cost them more than 10,000. I think that is ridiculous! So many children need good, loving homes and then they charge you for providing that? I understand that it should cost something…. but nothing that ridiculous

    1. Sabrina Post author

      It is really ridiculous, and sad. My parents adopted me (privately and with local lawyers/hospitals) and I am almost certain that the only thing the paid for were lawyer costs. Then again, that was 26 years ago and boy have times changed!

  4. Meredtih

    I loved your list, I love that you’ve been thinking big thoughts and writing them out and working through them. That can be so motivating 🙂 Definitely excited to see where you are going with all this 🙂

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