See Sabrina Run

I am guilty of borrowing stealing the title for this blog. I sure hope Lindsay won’t mind! 😉

I have good news to share! You all know about the stress fracture in my foot, right? I’ve mentioned it a time or two!


Early Monday morning I had a Dr’s appointment for follow-up x-rays with my Ortho. We looked at the x-rays and saw some change since my original appointment in May. He gave me two options: Surgery or no surgery. (grumble grumble, I don’t wanna go under the knife, grumble!) 

Dr. Ortho and I are on first name basis. I know his kids. I’ve seen his boat (which I probably helped pay for after all these years). We’ve had a wonderful Dr / Patient relationship over the last 20 something years, so he knew when I was becoming conflicted over my choices (my emotions were running high too). He asked me to come back on Tuesday for a consult with him and the Sports Medicine Dr in the same practice.

For the rest of the day I was a “what if”, emotional fool. Not my most attractive or friendly moment. Tuesday could not come fast enough, as I was looking forward to getting in there and having a real conversation with these people.  Tuesday morning I arrived at the office all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for whatever they had to tell me (at least that is what I like to believe).

We went over my orthopedic history, and how it related to all the sports activities I ever did. Which bone was broken during what phase in my sporting career. Finally we focused in on my foot: how I broke it way back when, how the current stress fracture came about now, and what my plans for the future are.

In regular people words: The stress fracture is currently located exactly where I originally broke my foot away back when. The stress fracture IS healing, but it happened because the bone in that area of my foot has been weakened. If the bone was not healing they would recommend surgery. Since the stress fracture DOES appear to be healing and the bones are still aligned correctly they DO NOT want to go ahead with surgery, especially because of my future plans. If they were to perform the surgery now they would have to re-break my bone, insert a pin and have me on serious rest for several weeks months. However, this could cause a “non-union” , where the bones don’t grow back together properly, and that would be a whole different mess! 

Solution: Strengthen the bone and the bones around it. Another few weeks of rest, wearing my compression sleeve around my foot and arch, and doubling up on my calcium intake. Take calcium pills 3 times a day. Instead of one glass a milk, have two – or three! And I have a nifty list of lots of calcium rich fruits. They also said that losing another 15 pound by the end of summer wouldn’t be a bad idea either! 

I was so excited I wanted to jump up and down and give them both a big KISS! I composed myself because I decided that neither idea was a good idea! haha. 😉


Run a half marathon before my 27th birthday (May 30th, 2012). My eyes are still on the prize to run the Disney Princess Half in February. I am so determined to run it that I still plan to register when registration opens on July 5th. I am anxious for my foot to be back in running order, July to finally roll around and the moment I can lace up my running shoes again! I plan to start the C25K program all over again, and in this heat that means I have a summer full of early morning runs ahead of me!

Get ready to See Sabrina Run!! 😀

Happy Weekend, my friends! Now, I am going to go Have My Cake and Eat It Too!! 😀

6 thoughts on “See Sabrina Run

  1. Melissa

    Love that you have re-found your excitement! All great news from the drs! I will be right there with you in the early mornings getting my C25K done. 5am wake up time so I can run and get to work by 8! Get it girl! You can DO THIS! 🙂

  2. Becky

    I’m so glad the foot is healing!! I was worried about you! Take it easy and start out slow with the running. You’re going to rock this!

  3. Jen Hendrickson

    Happy to hear the good news about your foot! I loved your Memorial Day weekend recap and your cake post too! I have done a lot of reading today! It was great meeting you while you were here and we are all ready for you to move to MN permanently!
    Have a great weekend Sabrina! Take it easy!

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