Memorial Weekend Birthday Vacation

Well hello again! I’ve learned something about my self in the last few months: I can’t just sit down and write without having something to really tell you. While I have had a lot to write about recently, I have been down with the sickness and blogging just wasn’t something I have felt like doing. I still feel rather crummy (good thing this isn’t a V-blog because I have no voice) but this is becoming old news!

So, onward and upward it is!

On Friday, May 27th I headed to the airport to catch my 12:02 flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota! I had a countdown going on for weeks!

Upon my arrival Kris met me at the airport! She even caught a picture of me bouncing down the stairs. We chatted and waited for my luggage before catching the light rail to downtown where we would meet up with my wonderful BBF, Lindsay!

Kris and I spent an hour or so exploring the Macy’s downtown (it’s 8 stories, so it IS a lot to explore) before getting lost in the skyways’ trying to make our way back to Lindsay! We got our cardio in for the day with that one! One wrong turn and we are at the opposite end of town!

Lindsay and I had a low-key Friday evening, including a nice dinner out (I even ordered the French Fries!) and Saturday morning to catch up and chat. I sure did miss her! Saturday afternoon Kris was ringing the doorbell and she sure does know how to sweeten up the day! 😉

Cheesecake from Muddy Paws Cheesecake in Minneapolis!

Lindsay was spending some time with family so Kris and I headed out on an adventure! What an adventure it was! First stop: the outlet mall in Albertville! We love us some good deals, especially at Old Navy!

Then it was off to Super Target for Starbucks, and shenanigans throughout the store, including: the bakery, the hot dog section, and clothing! I had so much fun with Kris, she always kept me laughing! 🙂

We headed back to Lindsay’s place where we spent the rest of the night chatting and eating that DELICIOUS cheesecake from Muddy Paws Cheesecake! Muddy Paws is now on my list of reasons why I must move to the Twin Cities! So good! 😉

Sunday came around all too quickly and it was time to pick up our friend from Texas, Elle, and get ready for the #PriorFatPack Pot Luck!

There were about 20 #PriorFatPack members in attendance. Everyone brought a healthy dish to share so we had everything from salads, to chicken, chips with dip, healthy desserts, and even a not so healthy dessert! My birthday cake that Kris surprised me with.

The room was filled with great conversations, like we have known each other our whole lives! The night wound down and it was time to pack it up! We needed to get our rest before our 5k in the morning. After all, that was the reason for this weekend!

Monday morning came around, and boy did I feel old! I thought to myself “Sabrina, what gave you the idea that running a 5k would be a fun way to spend your 26th birthday?” Those thoughts quickly faded and other negatives began to creep in. I didn’t share this with anyone, but I had serious doubts about completing this 5k. 4 weeks of no running. 4 weeks of limiting the impact on my foot. OYE!!

We arrived at Lake Como in St. Paul, and quickly spotted the other #PriorFatPack members. We picked up our race packets and gathered for a team picture. The time was now, I was about to do my first 5k!

I can happily report that I did in fact finish the 5k! I FINISHED!! I did a lot more walking than I would have liked, my foot was screaming at me in pain! But I finished! My official time was 52.01 with a 16:45 pace. Not what I was aiming for, but I finished, and for that I am proud!

A bunch of us gathered later that evening for a post race dinner & birthday celebration at Crave in the Mall of America.

The weekend was over way to quickly! Early Tuesday morning Elle departed on her flight back to Texas and I was leaving later that afternoon. Lindsay and I headed downtown where she went to work and I went to explore Macy’s a little bit more. (Side note: I work for Macy’s in a very small town so I was in awe with enormity of everything!) Lindsay met me for lunch in the Skyroom of Macy’s, and it was every bit as yummy as she had told me!  

After lunch it was time to say goodbye. Something else people don’t know is how emotional I was about leaving. It always felt surreal for me to have found the friends that I did in Minnesota, and to find them through blogging no less. I never expected to fall in love with the cities or to have such amazing friendships, but it happened, and I hated when it was time for me to say goodbye. 😦

I want to do a big face palm right now because I did not get a single picture of Kris and I together! Time to go back to Minneapolis!

Until next time Minneapolis! Until next time…

And a very special thank you to all my #PriorFatPack friends who made my 26th birthday a Victory! 😀


15 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Birthday Vacation

  1. Melissa

    “I thought to myself “Sabrina, what gave you the idea that running a 5k would be a fun way to spend your 26th birthday?”

    OMG this made me laugh because on my “golden birthday” (I am turning 28 on Jan 28th,2012) I decided I am going to run a half marathon! Now, let me tell you, I have never done any 5ks or anything. I am using the C25K training program and after that, a mini marathon training program. What was I thinking! 🙂 Glad you had fun and that you finished! I am so proud of you!

    ❤ Melissa

  2. Amy@destroyingdeadends

    Ok. It’s official. You called the Twin Cities “The Cities”. Only people from the cities call it that. Every time I have to explain to people from else where, I have to say Minneapolis.

    It was great meeting you and celebrating your birthday with you. Oh and Kris is a riot!

  3. Sara

    It was so great to meet you!

    And, I agree with Amy – you talk like a Minnesotan – just another reason why you need to move. If my count is accurate, that’s reason 489. 🙂

  4. sarahf

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday. Congratulations on the run! I join a running event every year the day before my birthday, so all I get is muscle pain on my birthday! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  5. Shelia

    Sounds like you had a ton of fun in Minneapolis!! That cheesecake looks so good!!! Congratulations on the 5k!! How is your foot doing? I hope it is getting better, sounds like it was painful for the 5k!!

  6. Meredith

    So wonderful to see you Sabrina! I am looking forward to your return trips (maybe a permanent one?) You are a delight to spend time with and you definitely fit in with us here! Seeing as you know your time in Florida isn’t permanent, I suggest soaking up all the rays you can and live out the Florida lifestyle to the fullest so you can feed off it during Minnesota winters! *hugs*

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