Weigh In Wednesday

Say what?!? A weigh in post! From me?!?

On the brink of my vacation I thought I would jump on the scale this morning. I was nervous because ever since I injured my foot my weight crept back up and was holding tight at 196.2.  So, with my ailing foot and a bit of excitement over my looming vacation, I stepped onto my scale.


Just by making a small change, like Packing A Lunch, can make a difference despite not being able to workout.

Eating is half the battle. I haven’t mastered healthy eating, yet. But I am starting to find success!!

It’s the small things that make me happy while cooped up with injury! Oh, and the fact that vacation is just about 48 hours away! 😉

Happy Wednesday & Happy Hump Day to you ALL!! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday

  1. Melissa

    You just made my day. I have been suffering from a cold/bronchitis/sinus infection/ear infection for over 4 weeks now and your post just re-motivated me to eat better and it will pay off! Cute toes by the way 🙂 Way to keep up your great work and push on through your hiccups! Enjoy your vacation!

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