Packing a Lunch

Although there hasn’t been any drastic changes in my weight lately, I have felt a difference.

Today will mark my 8th day in a row at work. (Then only Wednesday and Thursday will be left to go! Separate post coming soon!) And everyday I have packed my lunch/dinner. Most days it looks something like this:

So, you get the picture? 😉

I don’t feel sleepy at work after my lunch/dinner. I feel light. I feel energized. I feel ready to tackle the rest of my day!

One step at a time, I am finding the balance I need to be successful and healthy. Next up: scheduling my workouts around my work schedule. Ya follow?

Gotta run! I am just about 72 hours away from Leavin’ On a Jet Plane… for my birthday vacation, PFP 5k and other shenanigans! But first, I must work before I can play! 😦     I’ll be back soon with a post about this weekend and the excitement that’s in store!



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