Words From A Fortune Cookie

I almost had a meltdown the other day. No, I did have a meltdown. I wanted to give up. I felt defeated.

  • First, I was trying on clothes at work and nothing fit the way I wanted it to expected it to.
  • Then, I got bummed out thinking about the 5K coming up, a week from today!
  • And finally, I was stressed about finding my balance and a strategy that will work for me.

I had some chats with a few good friends, before finding the quote, pictured above, in a fortune cookie.

Let’s face it, folks. I am human. I don’t eat carrot sticks all day or drink nothing but water. I haven’t been losing weight the way I would like to, or even the way I had envisioned I would when I started this journey. Yeah, I order the side of fries, I drink I a beer every now and again, I also really LOVE my chocolate. I still make bad decisions, but I can’t give up. So what I didn’t get it right in the last 9 months.

This is the beginning!

I just started a new job. This job is my new beginning. I have to figure out how my life and my healthiness work with this new job. I can’t get frustrated. I can’t give up! I am going to have to make a cross training plan (actually, any plan will do!), that will probably include waking up early on most days. UGH! If I remember “Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest”; then the clothes will start to fit better, the 5K’s will get easier, and my plans will adapt!


Today (Monday) will be my 7th day, of 10 straight days, at work. It’s been long, exhausting, and I can’t wait for day 10 to come on Thursday. Friday morning I leave for Minnesota! I can’t wait to see this girl!

I love Lindsay so much! I am excited to spend some time with her, and her cute puppy too!

The #PriorFatPack will come out from hiding, so I am anxious to put faces and real life names with the people behind the Twitter handles.

Before I go, I want to ask that you keep my dear friends in Minneapolis in your thoughts or prayers. They have been dealing with bad storms and tornadoes.


3 thoughts on “Words From A Fortune Cookie

  1. kristisn

    Ahhhh… I feel that way too. I feel like I can never figure out the balance I need or even where to start on this weight loss journey. I feel like I’ve been on it for so long and have gotten no where. Where do I go next? What else do I try? It’s so hard to figure it all out, but you will and so will I. We’ll get there.


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