Retail Pitfalls

I am just over 30 days into my new job in the jungle of Retail. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my new job! I can’t be more excited about my future with the company and being “groomed” for something better. After spending a lot of time as an employed citizen, I am thrilled to be where I am.

I have been in the retail sector since I started working when I was 18, almost 8 years ago. But never have I been in retail while fighting to my health. It’s hard! I never thought I would be challenged like I have been.

Some of the challenges I am currently battling:

  • I am used to eating 3-4 meals approx 400 calories each at a regular time.
  • Instead, I am eating meals at what I consider an “Off” time.
  • Most days I only eat 2 full meals, some days I still get 3.
  • Sometimes I don’t get home and eat dinner until 9 or 10pm. If I am even in the mood to cook and eat.
  • Having time for a snack is just as hard as drinking enough water!
  • I have no clue what my calorie intake is.

Retail certainly has it’s pitfalls!

Let me give you a visual aid of my schedule for the next 2 weeks so you can better understand my schedule and my PRE SCHEDULED meal times.

I eat my first meal before getting ready and going to work in the morning. Then sometimes I don’t eat again until between 3 and 5pm. That’s not lunch! It’s dinner! By the time I get home and get settled again I feel like I am eating a midnight snack. I could always do something quick and on the go, but it wouldn’t be a healthy choice!

Keeping up with work and drinking enough water is tough! I am on the go with customers all the time, and the boss doesn’t like it when I carry around my water bottle. 😦  So I chug when I can, but it’s not enough.

We don’t even want to talk about me counting calories, because that he not happened in a long while! I would say it’s been about 5-6 weeks since I last counted. I stopped counting before I landed this job. Now it’s not even a thought in my head. However, I do control what I eat at work. I bought a lunch box and most days I do myself a full lunch with the just the right amount of fruit, veggies and protein! (One day I will remember to take a picture)

On the bight side, and there is a bright side to my struggles, I have been active enough at work to help me maintain my current weight. Not gaining, but not losing either. I have decided I am OK with that. At least until I figure out a plan to balance my meals out again. Of course, once my foot is healed I will need to add workouts into that plan too. It’s a balancing act and I just have to take it one day at a time.

One day at a time as I learn to survive in the jungle that is Retail.


6 thoughts on “Retail Pitfalls

  1. michelle

    wow I do NOT envy you for working crazy retail hours. I don’t think I could handle having a schedule all over the place like that. But i’m glad you are loving your job and see yourself going far with the company.

  2. Ann

    Those are some pretty crazy hours. Today, Jen (PFG) went back to counting calories. Jay and I are counting, too. It’s not a lifelong thing, but if you REALLY feel like you are struggling, you can always go back to it. Otherwise, good luck staying on track – we are all rooting for you! Can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks!!!! YEAAAAHHHH #PriorFatPack

  3. Michelle

    It’s interesting that work leads us to make different choices in eating. My job duties rotation monthly. Some rotations I am in my office on the computer all day long and all I want to do is graze. I have a hard time not eating all day long. Other rotations I am in a different office/different floor and working with the public. I have no desire to eat at all and have to force myself to eat lunch. I wish I could get the same feeling in my office.

    Good luck!

  4. Vinny

    I worked those crazy hours for years in retail management. It’s not easy at all to maintain a healthy diet, BUT it can be done. The big thing to remember is to pack lunches and dinners. That way you can control what you eat. It seems you have that down. The other thing is to make sure to find time to do some exercise. 1/2 hour a day is all you need.

    Oh and make sure to make time for yourself. Retail can burn you out FAST. Good luck in your new job!!

  5. sarahf

    Wow, that’s some schedule. Good for you for doing what you can. Maybe once you settle in a bit more, you’ll be able to fit in a few healthy snacks.


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