The Bad, The Good, The Ugly!

The Bad: 

  • I miss you all terribly and I wish I had more energy to blog when I come home from work.
  • The pain in my legs and feet was getting unbearable. I would R.I.C.E while watching baseball and hockey!
  • I finally went to my Ortho Dr this morning. Verdict: Stress Fracture in my right foot!
  • For those who don’t know: A stress fracture can develop over time in weightbaring bones, such as legs or feet. It’s a very small crack in the bone, whichcan sometimes get called a Hairline Fracture. This is a common injury forrunners, basketball players, gymnasts and other athletes that put repeatedstress on weight baring bones. Strength training and stress exercises are thebest ways to avoid this sort of injury. Recovery time can take 8-16 weeks. Forme, I will need a longer recovery period since my stress fracture has occurredjust centimeters away from where I broke a bone a few years ago while playingsoccer. Also, I am now standing on my feet all day, since I work in retailagain.
  • I work in the mall. I need Starbucks really like having Starbucks to get me through the day. Starbucks is in the mall food court. Food court food = BAD temptations!

 The Good:

  • My doctor and I came to a minimal agreement about how much activity I CAN have!
  • My last weigh in on April 14th was 197.0Today at 193.8.
  • I am slowly getting my water intake back up around 80 oz a day. It’s been hard while at work, but I have started to bring water bottles to keep with me in my department.
  • I bought a lunch box! Hey, I am excited! Now I need new, fresh ideas on healthy lunches to pack for work, which will keep me from going to the mall food court.

The Ugly:

  • My room house is a mess! So I better get to cleaning.

9 thoughts on “The Bad, The Good, The Ugly!

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