New Routines

Hey Ya’ll!
I got the commenting situation fixed, so I can resume commenting on all your blogs! YAY!
This is going to be quick. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter (you should), I announced that I got offered a job I applied for! I am quite excited! I am going back into the retail business and will be entering the management track once my “probationaray” period is up in a few months. 
With this new job comes a new routine. Right now I am used to doing what I want, when I want with no regard to a work schedule. With that, I have finally fallen into a very nice workout groove. 
With a job in retail the days can be long and schedules can be hectic. While I have always thrived on that sort of busyness, I have never had to juggle my healthiness with that. Now I am becoming a bit anxious of how I will keep my workout groove and healthiness in check with my new routine. 
I have a great support system of friends in the #PriorFatPack, and all of you, who will keep me in check. I know I am in control of my healthiness now. 
Tomorrow I start a new journey of learning to balance my healthiness, workouts and a brand new, fast paced career! For those of you who do that on a daily basis, my hat goes off to you!
Once I get through this week, I will take a serious look at my new schedule so I can plan a new routine.
Wish me luck! 
PS – 32 days vegetarian and clean of soda! 5 weeks on Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “New Routines

  1. Anonymous

    CONGRATS both on the job & following thru w/ your goals. Don't worry – you'll gte it all figured out in time!


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