Case of the Monday’s + Scale Time!!!

I had a bad case of the “Monday’s” on Monday, but it appears I was not alone. Many people struggled on Monday; for one reason or another. What makes Monday so hard anyways? My Monday brought me face to face with the cookie section of the bakery. Look what I brought home!
Throughout the day I ate one cookie at a time. The cookies were almost all I ate for the day and to boot, I barely tracked calories. At the end of the day I tried to add up all my calories. *Face Palm!*

Monday’s numbers:
Workout: NONE
Food Calories:  approx 2160
Protein: approx 65

Not a swell day! But what matters is how we over come our “Monday’s”!
Tuesday, I started the day with a yummy and filling breakfast!  
Kris actually recommend this oatmeal (OatFit) to me!
 After searching high and low, I finally found some at Super Target! And it was on SALE!!
 I also had a second interview for a new job. I am so sick of job hunting!
(Can I just be a housewife? …)
(I need to clean my cell phone camera, it appears to be super cloudy…)
I am pretty sure I nailed the interview, so I treated myself to a new pair of heels!!


I immediately came home and laced up my new running shoes to hit the road!
(Details of my shoes and this run coming in my next post — tomorrow?) 
Tuesday’s numbers:
Workout: C25K My Way!
Time: 47:14
Distance: 2.83 miles
Calories burned: 579!!
Food calories: 1565
Protein: 86
Tuesday was a HUGE improvement from Monday

Lesson to be learned: “Monday’s”will always happen on this journey, but overcoming them is when your real victories will start happening!

So, it’s Wednesday. Mid week already! That can only mean it’s official weigh in day!
Last weeks weigh in: 195.4
Today’s weight in: 195.2 (-0.2)
Posts I am working on:
  • My shopping adventure for new running shoes.
  • A creative project I was inspired to make.
  • Vegetarian Cooking with Hungry Girl!



15 thoughts on “Case of the Monday’s + Scale Time!!!

  1. Misty

    oooOh nice foot art 🙂

    Dont beat yourself up to much about Monday you were aware of what you were doing instead of mindlessly doing it so you have some idea of what lead you there and can work on that ….some days you just need a yummy cookie though not always the entire package it is ok now and then

  2. Ann

    Great job on the turn-around. So proud of you and all the accomplishments you are earning. Keep up the awesome work, lady!!

  3. sheshe

    I must say I enjoy it when you post pictures, there is ALWAYS sunshine in it!!! We have sunshine here today, so that makes it a good day. Way to go on Tuesday!!! Do you always run outside? I eat the Oat Fit oatmeal as well. They have a chocolate one that is really good if you are looking for a chocolate fix!!!!!


    I am so glad you found that oatmeal. It is awesome! Sometimes I toss a handfull of dried fruit/nut mix on it or a banana on it.
    It goes on sale a lot and they are actually from here in Minnesota 😛 Just another thing to add to your list!

  5. Sarah

    After Monday it seems like it all went uphill!! Congrats on the scale moving & fingers crossed for the job for you! I love the new shoes also!


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