Feeling a Bit Defeated

It’s the end of Sunday Funday! I hope ya’ll had a great weekend! I am still a bit sad I wasn’t in Minneapolis this weekend to visit with my friends, but I know I will be there again soon!
I am going to preface my feeling of defeat with a quick weekend recap: 

Workout: None 
Food Calories: 1930 
Protein: 75  
Workout: C25K My Way! 
Time: 22:07
Distance: 1.25 miles
Calories burned: 231 
Food Calories: 1535 (There might be a Skinny Cow ice cream in my future – Additional 150)
Protein: 70
Normally Sunday is my rest day. Okay, okay… I had a lot of “rest days” in March! One day at a time I am really tying to turn that around. I worked out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday last week. Without a workout yesterday I knew I had to do something today!
I ventured out to my new favorite park with intentions of running at least 2 miles, but I really wanted to push for 3! As you can see from the numbers above, I didn’t make it 2 miles. The weather was perfect, certainly nothing for me to complain about! I just could not get comfortable. My legs were achy, my feet felt heavy. I just couldn’t do it. Today, I was defeated by my run! 

I left the park and I was really upset with myself. I know a huge part of the problem is my shoes. They are Nike trial shoes; they are thick, rugged and pretty heavy. I went to a running store I was fitted, but those are a bit more than I can afford right now. 

What do I do? What shoes can I buy at a regular department store that might not be so out of my budget right now? The first paycheck I get as soon as I land a full time job will be spent at the running store for a pair of shoes specially fitted for my feet!


Don’t forget to enter my Hungry Girl 300 Under 300 Giveaway! Or score some extra entries if you already entered! Entries will close in just about 24 hours and I will post the winner on Tuesday morning! If you haven’t enter yet or gotten you max amount of entries then you need to leave immediately and run, not walk, to that post linked above!
What kind of shoes are you running in? 

10 thoughts on “Feeling a Bit Defeated

  1. krisgetshealthy.com

    (hugs) we all have those days where the workout just isn't what we hoped it would be. Shake it off and keep moving forward. You can do it.
    As for shoes… those lovely $150.00 running shoes I was fitted for are leaving me with blisters on my toes and balls of my feet. they are simply awful. I don't know what to do about them either. Perhaps you could check out the shoe section at target? I know our local one just got a bunch of “running” shoes in. I don't think they are anywhere near awesome quality but it may be something a it better than your trail shoes.
    Either way don't give up, you got out and did your run even if it wasnt as much as you wanted.
    (hugs) you were missed on Saturday, Can't wait till May!

  2. Misty

    Im right there with ya starting almost completely over…see today's post and last weeks multipost series for details lol(seriously almost 6000 words of emotional dumping)…we all get defeated at times but the part that makes us strong is we get back up and start over and work hard, we dont give up! You can do this girlie, I know you can!

  3. LeAnna

    Sabrina, I am starting over as of yesterday. I think this journey is about finding what works for us and what doesn't work. Every person is different. Our life circumstances are different. Our daily lives are different. No two people's journies are going to be the same. I want to send you one big hug. Don't give up. Keep your head up. And keep moving!

  4. Kristi

    Don't feel defeated… at least you got out and did something! 1.25 is great. I would think of that as an accomplishment, not a defeat.

  5. Sarahf

    We all have those days, don't feel bad. I got a decent pair of Nike shoes in the sale. They were pretty cheap and doing a good job. Check out discount stores and online to see if you can find something that suits your budget and your feet.

  6. Sarah

    I agree with Kristi.. you should be proud that you got out on your rest day and did 1.25 miles.. 🙂

    The shoes I run in are by Under Armour.. I love them, and they are light.. and they are black and PINK! lol.. but they only cost like $40 (but I think they were on sale for Black Friday)..

  7. Ann

    Everybody has those “bad runs”. Next time, just keep going. Even if you are at a snails pace, even if you dont want to, the feeling of disappointment will turn to pride. I'm not going to say, “oh, it's okay” – because I know you can do better. I believe in you!!!

  8. Michelle

    New Balance. I got fitted for those and some inserts about 4 years ago. I can really tell when my shoes are wearing out because my feet will ache about 20 minutes into any activity. So now I use my newest shoes for the gym only. The old ones I use for errands and things like that. They really make a difference.

  9. Sarah

    I have Asics gels and love them. I have never been fitted, but am going to do it on Saturday. For the running I have been doing, though, the asics are great. They were just over $50 at Kohls when I got them and were totally worth it.


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