Everything But The Kitchen Sink

That’s what this blog will have, everything but the kitchen sink! 
I will break it up in sections and try to keep it short. Pardon the rambling and grammatical errors. I am pre-drafting this at a very early hour.
Years, months, and goals:  
Seriously, where did March go? Do you realize that ONE QUARTER of 2011 is already GONE! Wasn’t it just New Years? I am happy about time flying by because yesterday was Opening Day! Welcome to summer, baseball fans! But can I be honest with you? A quarter of the year is gone and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything noteworthy yet. I mean I know that can’t be true, but I feel like something is missing or incomplete.
To review my March goals: 
  • Use food journal every day. – YES YES YES! Wooo!
  • 1 mile for every day. 31 miles. In addition to other workouts. – I missed 6 days.
  • Finish the Harry Potter Series. I have the last 4 books to read. – Nope. Fail.
  • Continue the job hunt. – Yes. Several times a week. Still nothing.
  • Save 10% from checking to savings every week. – Yes! Savings is growing!
  • Keep working on my organization and time management. – A work in progress!

April Goals:

  • Track everything related to my healthiness journey.
  • Lose 7 pounds this month. Odd number, but that’s what I want! 
  • Two new vegetarian recipes a week. 
  • Make decisions about school.

 Today: C25K My Way!!
Total time: 24:44
Calories burned: 270
Estimated miles: according to GPS 1.99 miles

My run felt great!! It was FINALLY a cool, breezy 72 degrees! I went to a paved park trail!
 After then run I met my brother at my parents house to help him clean up from the last 4 days of storms. Some parts Central Florida had hurricane forced winds, others had tornadoes, and we all had a lot of wind and rain! Which meant a lot of falling branches and trees. I spent about 2 hours with my brother sawing the fallen branches and moving them down the road for pick up. Which was a workout of it’s own!

Here is a look of the weather and damage via pictures!



Last night I wanted Mexican!! So I resorted to my new Hungry Girl book to come up with a yummy feast! I was quite pleased with my veggie creation!

 I adapted my Quesadilla from Hungry Girl’s SW BBQ Chicken Quesadilla.
Her recipe totals 299 calories. Mine came to 315. I was pleased. You can use the link above to see the exact recipe or you can find it in the new Hungry Girl’s new book! 



Speaking of Hungry Girl, have you entered in my giveaway for the new Hungry Girl 300 Under 300 book? Click HERE to go to my giveaway post and check out the details! Since I only have about 20 entries, your chances to win are pretty good!

If you would like an additional entry into the drawing your can:

  • Tweet about it and leave another comment saying you did so (with you Twitter name, if I don’t already have it).  


  •  Link my giveaway on your blog and let me know where to find it. 

You can do one, or both, and each will count as an addition entry. The comments must be left on the GIVEAWAY post! Also, don’t forget to leave them as separate comments, so you get the extra entry!




3 thoughts on “Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  1. Sabrina

    That is a Polar F4. Check into the FitBit, by Microsoft. It's similar to the body bug but a lot smaller. I have friends who own the FitBit and love it! Just a thought! Any good HRM you will be looking at about $100.


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