Hi Friends!!! Do ya’ll feel honored? I mean 3 blogs in 3 days!! Yahoo! 
Over the last two weeks I barely published 3 blogs total! How about them apples? 
This will be short and sweet, but I will do something I haven’t done in a while. 
Tuesday’s Workout: 30 Day Shred
Total time: 27:25 
Calories burned: 255
Wednesday’s Workout: 30 Day Shred (weather and visitors made running impossible)
Total time: 26:34
Calories burned: 246
Thanks to Ann I can confidently and accurately track what I am burning during each workout. Which also means I can share the information with my wonderful readers. YOU!

I am really scared of Tofu. I bought some yesterday, but I am still scared to make it. Fear of the unknown? Maybe. Today I will be visiting the bookstore for a Vegetarian cookbook.
Anyways. Since I did not make Tofu last, I got creative in another way for dinner. 

Sweet Potato topped with Soy crumbles and veggies. Side of onion rings.

Dinner = 550 calories and 23g of protein.
Totals for the day = 1410 calories and 86g of protein.

Oh… and a weigh in too!
Last weigh in: 195.8 on March 23rd.
Today’s weigh in: 195.4 (- 0.4)



8 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Becky

    Love Ann–she is such a good motivator!

    Well done on sticking to the Veggie diet. I'm impressed! I don't think I have the willpower! And good job on the workouts!

  2. Sarah

    Dude! That's a lot of protein! Good for you! I am scared of tofu too.. mostly because of the assumed taste of it.. If tofu tasted great, we'd all be eating right?! 😉

    But if you find a good recipe, that tastes good, make sure to post it.. I may try it. lol.. Congrats on the loss, too.. You are doing great with the vegetarian lifestyle (I almost called it a “thing”.. oops)..

  3. Sarah

    You are doing great!! I can not even get past 1 one of the 30 day shred though I know I need to just bite the bullet and do it. Hope things are going well!

  4. Sarahf

    Good for you! I have grown to love tofu. If you get the hard tofu, you can make tofu steaks using a little olive oil and frying them with whatever seasoning you like. Serve it with tomato and onion sauce. Or serve it uncooked with a little ginger and soy sauce. Once you get into it, tofu is lovely! Promise!

  5. Min Grange

    Tofu has been my scariest cooking adventure to date!! The first few times it was so awful I almost gave up. However, now I have a super easy way to handle it.
    Basically we get the extra firm, and then for two of us we only use half a block at at time.
    I cut it into about 1/4 inch thick slices, press them with paper towels to get the excess moisture out. Then cube it. Then throw it in the oven on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Broil it for 10-12 minutes, keeping an eye on it and letting it get crunchy on the outside. I usually season it before baking, Hubs does it after… Either seem to work fine.

    I just found your blog today! I love it . 🙂


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