First Two Weeks + Weigh In

I will get right to it. My weigh in this morning was 195.8 
Last weigh in: 197.0 on March 9th (-1.2 pounds)
I have successfully achieved what I wasn’t sure I would be able to. I have made it through the first two weeks of Lent. It hasn’t been easy, but I have pushed through! No soda, no meat! Considering how HECTIC my life has been, I am really proud of how well I am doing. 
Side story: my mom’s best friend injured her leg and had to have major surgery. She rents a house and works over on the Florida west coast, but owns a home right down the road from my parents (east coast). Since her injury (February 5th) I have been taking care of her 3 standard poodles, house sitting, driving to and from Tampa to bring her back here for Doctors appointments, and basically working as a personal assistant. The last two weeks have included a lot of travel, which has certain challenges.
One challenge is A LOT of eating out, more than normal. I’m leaning how difficult it can be to eat out as a vegetarian. Sometimes the only option is a salad or pasta, without the meat. I am really getting tired of salads and pastas. I am so thankful there are no travel plans on the agenda for the next few weeks, I can cook and experiment at home.
I won’t lie to you. There have been times where I have thought to myself, or said out loud, “Man, I really want a burger!”. I have even been out with friends who encourage me to “cheat” just once. That I will be okay and tomorrow I can go on as a vegetarian. Really? 
For me, this is about more than just giving up meat. It’s about pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, trying new foods, learning self control and will power. I am a lot stronger in my will power than I ever realized. I am PROUD of myself!
It’s also been hard to workout with all the travel, but everyday I made a point to do a little something. Just like I am thankful for no travel so I can eat at home, I am thankful for no travel so I can get into a workout groove. Specifically, a 5K groove.
The no soda thing has been a breeze! Lots of water and some Green Tea’s have made the transition seamless. I don’t miss Diet Dr. Pepper one bit.

I am working on two other posts, with lots of pictures. So don’t go anywhere!

9 thoughts on “First Two Weeks + Weigh In

  1. Sarah

    Oh yeah, oh yeah.. uh huh uh huh..

    Happy dance for you! You are doing so great.. I can't imagine being a vegetarian (especially with fresh stuff costing so much anymore), let alone doing that PLUS giving up soda.. I gotta have me some Diet Dr Pepper..

    I am proud of you too! 🙂

  2. PlushBelle

    You are doing so great Sabrina! I love reading about your Lent journey, and how dedicated you are. It shows so much will power and character. Motivating beyond words. ❤


    You go girly!!!!! Congrats on getting that scale to move!!!!!!
    and WOOOHOOOODLYHOOOO on the no meat and no soda! You are doing an awesome job with it. I have been mostly ok with my no soda, I have not slipped, but did come close to a slipup, i threw a bottle of soda into my cart put it in the cup holder of the car and nearly cracked it open before I had realized that it was a soda! Talk about a learned behavior that I SO wasnt being consious of!
    I am looking forward to your photo update post. Keep up the good work, and remember if you need a hand with dinner ideas I am still kickin around 😀


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