First Day of Lent

“It’s always too early to quit.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Today is the first day of Lent! I am a vegetarian! Holy cow, that sounds weird. Especially when I say it out loud.
In addition to going Vegetarian for the next 40 days of Lent, I am also giving up soda. Bye-Bye Diet Dr. Pepper!
You can read the back stories HERE and HERE.

I decided that I should weigh in today. For a few reasons. I haven’t weighed in since the beginning of February, I am embarking on a new lifestyle, it’s Wednesday (my old weigh in day), and I need to have more accountability.  

I bought a brand new scale at the beginning of the year, and yet I am very annoyed with it. I stepped on the scale 6 times. 3 times I got 3 different numbers, and 3 times I got the same number. That is so frustrating. Do any of you experience that? What scales do you love, or hate?

So my weigh in? 197.0
 I cringe. That’s not good. That means my weight has gone up, almost 10 pounds, since my last weigh in. I am frustrated because I have been working out and using my food journal, but all I can do it keep on moving forward. Right?
You guys are going to see a lot more pictures of the food I am eating. Some of it will be new to me, so it might be new to you too! I might even have a video, if I can ever get the darn thing to load. Do you have tips for videos?  

Well, this was short and sweet. I am off to get my shred on and go for a walk.


10 thoughts on “First Day of Lent

  1. Sarah

    Holy moly! Going LOV AND giving up soda? I applaud you for doing all this.. and starting over, I totally understand.. you are going to kill these 40 days.. 🙂

    Can't wait to see the pics and videos..

  2. Shannie (akaSolidice242)

    I am going to give up ice cream, that is so hard to type because I love ice cream but I am sure I can do this. Good luck with being veggie and giving up soda. It may be hard at first but I am sure you can do it!

  3. Sarah

    Giving up soda would make me cry but I have limited what I drink. I no longer keep it in the house and only enjoy it on the weekends.

    My scale in my bathroom has me weighing different weights depending on where I put it so I have decided on one spot and that is where I weigh myself every time.

  4. James

    Good luck Sabrina. As a non practicing catholic I cant stand this time of year. I feel guilty for not giving anything up. so this year I am giving up guilt. adios.

  5. sarah

    Good luck with the vegetarian thing! You can do it!

    As for the scale, that really bites. I hate when my scale gives me different readings, but it is not that weird. It is usually good for a 2 out of 3 type thing. And unexpected weight gain is the worst. Follow the rules and the number goes up – lame.

  6. Jane

    I am a scale obsessive – I weigh in a minimum of twice a day. Well I used to just over a week ago. I decided that it wasn't healthy and decided to do fortnightly weigh-ins instead of weekly and that I WASN'T going to weigh myself any other time.

    Anyhooooo, when I was weighing daily I would find that the scales would give me the exact same reading as the night before just before I went to sleep – that can't be right????

    I would get one of the kids on there to weigh them and then when I got back on my reading would be different – better. I would then weigh myself constantly until I got the same reading 3 times in a row (sometimes this would take up to 10 attempts) It was really becoming a problem with me so that is why I decided to only weight fortnightly. I haven't weighed myself since the 2nd of March and it is killing me. I literally have to stop myself getting on those scales every time I am near them – hellllp!

    Good luck with Lent – I am sure you will be great. Vegetarian, no problems, but soda for me, that's a tough one. I'm like Sarah, I don't keep it in the house anymore, but I do buy the occasional bottle when out and about. Never had Dr Pepper, what is it like?? I am a diet coke fiend!!


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