Lenten Observance

Happy Thursday! Is it just me or is this week flying by? Maybe because I have been making myself a to-do list every night before bed, which keeps me busy everyday. Hm, maybe. I think I have done a great job keeping this blog free of any religious and political talk. Actually, I can’t remember ever writing about either. Well, today I am.Sort of. At least how it will pertain to my healthiness journey and food.If you need to exit the blog, do so now.

I am Catholic, so I observe most all Catholic and Christian holidays. Including Lent.Next Tuesday is Fat Tuesday. The end of Carnival season and Mardi Gras.

A pre-Lenten tradition that spreads all over the world. Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lenten Observance for many Christians all over the world. During Lent we practice fasting on Ash Wednesday and every Friday until Easter. There are all sorts of variations of fasting depending on religion and where in the Eastern or Western world you live.

Another practice is to give up a food, drink, or activity as a sacrifice for the 40 days of Lent. People may instead take on a Lenten discipline such as devotions, volunteering for charity work, and so on.

Which brings me to the real point of blogging today. In the last 7 months, that I have been on my healthiness journey, I have learned a lot about food, and eating styles (organic, vegetarian, etc).

For me, I always give up the eating of meat on Ash Wednesday and all the following Friday’s. I also pick something to sacrifice during the 40 days of Lent.

My Lenten Plan? Well, I drink a lot less soda than I did before, but on average I still have one diet soda a day. I am going to try to nip that habit by giving it up all together for the Lenten season. Also, with everything I now know about healthy eating and lifestyles, I believe I want to extend my practice of no meat on Friday’s to all of Lent.I have never gone totally vegetarian for more than a few days, let alone 40 whole days, but I have often thought about it. I even blogged about it once. Recently, Laura had her brother write a guest post on her blog. It was well written and very entertaining, but he talked about a book he recently read – “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Foer. I was intrigued. I bought the book on my Nook Color, immediately read it, and now I have a whole new perspective. I still have a week to process and plan. I am opening up to you all so you can weigh in and give your thoughts. I don’t want this into a battle of religious beliefs, so let’s focus on food, going vegetarian, and how it relates to my healthiness journey.

Question: Do you practice any Lent or Lenten type holidays? If so, are you planning to give up something that will pertain to your healthiness journey?

And what about tips or thoughts on going vegetarian? 


11 thoughts on “Lenten Observance

  1. Laura @ Meet Virginia

    Woo hoo this is so awesome! I promise giving up meat is not as hard as you would think! Feel free to let me know if you need any recommendations or recipes or anything! Looking forward to reading about your meat-free days!

  2. Baby Weight and Beyond

    I do not practice any religion but I think that it is great that you are doing this.

    I myself could never give up meat totally – I have cut back but I enjoy it too much to get rid of it. My SIL has done something similar and you just have to make sure you are getting enough protein…she had to add back poultry as she was getting run down from not making the change properly.


    I don't practice any religion, however as you know I do give myself personal challenges on a regular basis which is somewhat similar to making a lifestyle change for lent. I have to say going veggie for 40 days is one serious challenge! 🙂

    Tips – I'd say try to plan out as many meal and snack ideas as you can, because healthy vegetarian food usually requires some preparation. Oh and for quick convenience try Amy's brand, I find almost everything from that brand tastes really good. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Kristi

    I'm Catholic, too. I give up meat on Ash Wednesday and on Fridays. I usually try and give something up for those 40 days, but I'm not sure what it will be this year…

  5. Ann

    Wow, no meat for 40 days!! That's awesome!! You can totally get enough protein from beans, dairy, tofu, etc. does that include fish, too?

  6. Sarahf

    I was raised Catholic and used to give up sweets every year. I haven't done it for years though. You might have inspired me to try it!

  7. destinationathlete

    I do observe Lent – and usually every year I do
    “give up” something, usually chocolate, candy or ice cream. (IE something that is a craving) I think this year I'll be giving up candy AND chocolate. 🙂

  8. Richelle

    I grew up Catholic and now attend a Vineyard church, but I still observe Lent. I usually try to give up chocolate or pray more. This year, I want to pay more attention to the food I eat and try to eat healthier in general. I've added a lot more processed foods to my diet over the past few months than I would like and my weight has slowly inched up. I want to go back to cooking more of my own food and eating mostly organic.

    I just found your blog through Michelle from Michelle Goes Running. I look forward to following you. Check out my blog at http://rtahc.blogspot.com.

  9. Michelle

    I observe Lent. Last year I gave up soda and never looked back. I craved the carbination for the first couple of months. Occasionally I have a soda at the movies or something, but it's not as enjoyable. A few years ago I gave up all fast food and never looked back on that either.

    I don't know if I could give up meat for Lent. I've thought about trying to go vegetarian, but it seems like a huge jump for me. I do make sure that I don't eat meat or even seafood on Fridays in Lent. I suppose I could stretch it out to a couple of days a week and see how it goes? I'll be interested to see your journey!

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