Marching into March

Hi Friends! Look at me! Two days in a row of blogging! Yahoo!
Do you realize today is March 1st? Why does time move so fast? 
I digress… it’s time to recap February. 

February Goals:

  • Find a job. Still an active search. For here, or anywhere.
  • Make schedule for running. Didn’t happen.
  • Eat more vegetables. I ate least one serving everyday!
  • Cook more (new) healthy recipes. A few. Not as many as I could have.
  • Be a better blogger – posts, pictures, comments. I actually took a step back from blogging in February. But it was much needed!
  • Read more & Buy my Nook Color that I got gift cards for at Christmas. –  I did, I did! I bought my Nook Color and I am plowing through some books! 

Through the month I learned that making a “running” schedule is a bit daunting, that I should stick with something smaller and work my way up. That sometimes it’s okay not to blog. That’s it’s even okay to step away from the scale for the whole month. Making mistakes are part of the journey. It’s okay to share and be vulnerable. That without my planner, to-do lists, and reminders I am lost!  Finally, I learned that wearing my “One Bite, One Decision” bracelet really does help!

With all of that in mind, I have created my goals for March. 

  • Use food journal every day. 
  • 1 mile for every day. 31 miles. In addition to other workouts.
  • Finish the Harry Potter Series. I have the last 4 books to read. 
  • Continue the job hunt. 
Two more goals stemming off of my New Year’s goals.
  • Save 10% from checking to savings every week. 
  • Keep working on my organization and time management.

I have also thought about starting my weekly weigh in’s again. After a month away from the scale I need a number to focus on again. I would like to set a weight goal for the end of the month too, but somehow those don’t work they way I hope. It’s swimsuit season here in the Sunshine State. This is no time to give up on my healthiness journey. I don’t want to have another fat summer, or birthday.
On a side note… several months ago I saw this amazing In Touch Clutch on Laura’s blog, and I wanted it! I finally ordered one, it was delivered and I LOVE it! Perfect to help me with my organization goal and I can carry it everywhere! 

I special ordered mine in an XL to fit all my junk. The designer was great to work with. You can see all the awesome designs at Downstairs Designs.


Question: I know it’s not summertime for all my readers yet. But do you have goals you want to reach for this summer? Or your next birthday? 

10 thoughts on “Marching into March

  1. Michelle

    My birthday is 3/22 and my goal at the start of the year was to lose 15 pounds by then. It's not going to happen. But I can still lose something. I can still plan and stick to the plan the best I can.

    My husband is unemployed and searching for jobs, I know how frustrating it is. Hope you find something soon!

  2. Becky

    My birthday is this month and my original goal was to be at my goal weight. Too bad I'm stuck in the plateau of death! So, instead my goal will be to break through the plateau and get back below the 150s.

    Glad you liked the video! The first time I saw it I teared up too…and I was at work. So not okay!

  3. Baby Weight and Beyond

    I would like to be at goal by my brothers wedding (August 13th). I know it is stretching it for me, but we have 3 wedding to attend this summer and I want to look hot =)

    I love your organizer!

    I LOVED the Harry Potter books, good luck with your job search!

  4. Sarah

    my birthday is in June. I would like to be below 200 at that point. I am just over 8lbs away. Totally doable if I actually, well, do it.

  5. LeAnna

    Awesome goals. I am having a hard time sticking to my running schedule, as well. Life is getting in the way. I don't know what to do to change that either.

  6. Size16isFat

    My birthday is December 17th and it is my goal to be at my goal weight by then (130). When I started this journey on Jan 2nd, I had 87 lbs total to lose…I've lost 17 lbs since then putting me JUST under 20% of my goal. I'm cautiously optimistic!

  7. Ann

    That clutch is adorbs. We can get you running and ready for the #DisneyPrincessHalf in no time. (hash-tag in the comments! Yeah!) I'm so excited for what March brings for both you AND me!!


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