Yep, I Went There!

Wow! Where have I been? Hm. Let’s recap! 
  • Friday I drove across the state to pick up my mom’s friend and drove her back on Saturday morning. 
  • Saturday afternoon my niece and nephew arrived for a weekend of fun! Dinner was followed by a fun trip to Barnes and Nobles. 
  • Sunday morning we had breakfast and went to a local creek and nature preserve for a self guided nature walk. We spent a low key afternoon at home before heading out to see Gnomeo and Juliet! 
  • Monday I met my sister in law to drop the kiddos off with their mom. Then I stopped for some fro-yo before heading home. No fro-yo for the kids since my nephew just found out his is lactose intolerant. Talk about bummer! We love our ice cream in this family!
  • Tuesday morning I took mom’s friend to her post surgical doctors appointment. Then she left with a colleague to drive back to the other side of the state, where she works and rents a home. She owns a house here, where my parents and I live, so I basically moved in. She has 3 Standard Poodles I need to care for while she continues her recovery.
  • Tuesday evening I went grocery shopping to stock her house with all the foods I eat. I got all the makings for salad, some fresh fruits, lunch meat, veggie wraps, yogurt, and some chicken breasts. 
  • I have been so busy and active there has been no time for bad eating or snacking. YAY!
  • The problem was AFTER I left the grocery store. I made the choice to go to McDonald’s for dinner. **WHOM WHOM WHOM** Epic Failure! Yes, I went there. I have not had fast food, other than Chick Fil-a, in YEARS! All night I felt so gross. I drank so much water and regretted every.single.bite.
  • Today I am going shopping for a black shirt, and maybe a new pair of jeans, for Family Pictures this Saturday. I must also hit the post office so I can mail presents to my friends, Lindsay and Sarah! (Sorry ladies, I didn’t make the post office yesterday!) Then I am coming home and getting in a workout. Boy do I need it!

I promise I was keeping up with your blogs over the last week, even if I haven’t been visible with comments. Tonight, I will do a post of pictures from the weekend, 365 photo project, AND my before pictures for the start of the shred. 
Happy Hump Day!! The weekend is almost here!!

8 thoughts on “Yep, I Went There!

  1. Michelle

    I totally ate mcdonalds fries yesterday. mmmmm so good. I know most people say they hate mcdonalds, but I'm one of the people that love the fries but stay away from them most of the time.

  2. Sarah

    Goodness, that's a lot of running around.. I totally forgot when you said you were gonna mail my present anyways, so another day won't kill me.. lol

    But in case you didn't get my blog post, I'm SO in for the Disney race next year.. AND the Dinner/Wine race in the fall.. that's on today's entry I'm about to post.. 🙂

  3. Sarah

    Wow what a busy week. I used to enjoy Popeyes but after you do not eat it for awhile it just it nasty. Can't wait to see your photos from your 365!


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