365 Pictures and Blog Link Up

Just a quick Thank You for comments yesterday. 
They were not necessary, but most appreciated! 
Now for my 365 Photo Project. Please excuse some of the ridiculousness.
2.2.11 – New month, new style.
2.3.11 – A day that needed silence & reflection.
2.4.11 – Cashing in gift cards to order a Nook Color!
2.5.11 – Clean pool. Go for swim. Life in Florida.
2.6.11 – We all need some cuteness in our day!
2.7.11 – The only picture I took. I wasn’t feeling it.

2.8.11 – I wear FSU shirts a lot! Go Noles!!

2.9.11 – It’s here! It’s here! My Nook Color!
Well, I hope you enjoyed this edition of my 365 Photo Project. I am off to play with my Nook and find some new books to buy! Can you believe the UPS man had me as his LAST delivery yesterday! I was going nuts-o waiting for him to bring me my new toy! Anyways, between your comments and my new toy the day shaped up to be a pretty good one! =) 
One last thing before I go. Join me in Diminishing Lucy’s Fat to Fit link up! You can link up from here, or head to her blog for more details and link up there! 


11 thoughts on “365 Pictures and Blog Link Up

  1. Ann

    Love the pictures and the light hearted post after yesterday's blog. Thanks for keepin' it real!!! And yes, we can do a Florida edition of Daft Bodies. They have group routines, too. Me, you, lindsay, elle, becky. It's on!!!!

  2. krisgetshealthy.com

    Love the photos! and I am soooo jealous of the weather! It has been bone-chilingly cold here in MN the last few days.
    I did think of you last night as I was in B&N and there were literally STACKS of Nooks in the store. I thought about buying a pink one… I dont read enough.

  3. Sarah

    You are so cute.. I'm the same way, btw, with Colts shirts.. I have tons of them, and wear them off season all the time.. lol

    Glad you got your Nook.. 🙂

  4. Cait

    Great photos girl! I just came across your blog and it's super cool! Your tat on your foot is AWESOME ! I just posted on my blog about tattoos that you may be interested in 😉 xo


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