Thank You!

The difference between failure and success is perseverance.

Yesterday I received so many wonderful, supportive, and encouraging comments, tweets, and emails! To thank you one by one would be impossible. 

I printed all your comments, tweets, and emails so I can always carry them with me.


 I shed a few a lot of tears yesterday. This is the point in my journey where I take a deep breathe and refocus my priorities.

I took a step and opened up to you, the best I knew how. In return, so many of you shared your most private stories with me via email. You have inspired me to keep on telling some of my stories; the ones that make me, me. In the coming blogs I will do just that.

My first story is one that I already told several months ago. I thought about tweaking what I originally wrote but then it wouldn’t be the same story.

 It all beings with my PASSION and you can read it here.

You all believe in me, and it’s time I believe in myself too. 


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