Good Bye January

Hello again! Seems like I am here less and less, but I will try to do a better job of that this month! Wow! This month, as in February! Crazy! 
To for me to review my goals from January and set new ones for February. 
January Goals:
  • Participate fully in Sly’s Challenge! – No. Just didn’t happen.
  • Participate in the PFG Challenge! – I didn’t email my results, but I did it!
  • Read 3 books, fully. – I read 2 and three quarters, all Harry Potter. So close!
  • Build a snow family! 😉 – The snow was not good for snow families when I was in Minnesota, but I will try again before the year is up!
  • Try something new. – I went to Minnesota! I tried Caribou coffee! I flew on a new airline! And I ate at lots of new restaurants.

 February Goals: 

  • Find a job. 
  • Make schedule for running. 
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Cook more (new) healthy recipes.
  • Be a better blogger – posts, pictures, comments. 
  • Read more & Buy my Nook Color that I got gift cards for at Christmas.
With that I have updated my Goals tab. This month I also completed one of the items on my Bucket List! I went to the Twin Cities; which if you don’t remember you can see the recap HERE!
Yesterday I took myself on a little shopping trip. Since I am on on the prowl for a new job I thought I should get some new job hunting clothes and accessories. You will see one of the outfits in a moment, but first my new prized possession. I splurged and used some Christmas money that had a late arrival (it came from Italy) to buy my first Coach bag.
My very first Coach! Eek!
Shall we do a little 365 Day Photo catch up? 
Sorry, there are a lot of pictures of me!
1.25.11 – Had a talk with myself.

1.26.11 – It was a good eating day!

1.27.11 – Finished Harry Potter 1 & 2 !!

1.28.11 – Heading out for a birthday.

1.29.11 – Just me, in the kitchen.

1.30.11 – Time for church!

1.31.11 – Good Bye January

2.1.11 – New work outfit!
Question: Do you set goals every month? What are your goals for February? 

12 thoughts on “Good Bye January

  1. Becky

    I love the Harry Potter books…I might have to reread them soon. And you look so pretty in that birthday picture!

    Can't wait to see what you accomplish in February!

  2. Kristi

    I love the purse!!!
    I try to set goals every month. Honestly, I haven't thought of Feb yet. I need to get on the ball with that since it is Feb 1.

  3. Sarahf

    You look great, especially the “going to a birthday” picture. My goal is to try a new recipe for every week of February. I have a really limited repertoire of recipes so it'll be good to expand it!

  4. Ann

    You look so beautiful!! 🙂 And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. I'm a Coach fangirl, for sure. I'm all COACH, all things. A+ pick, my dear. Keep up the great work, and get going on that 1/2 marathon training!!

  5. Rita @ Fitblogger

    Bag, gorgeous, but then again, so are you my dear and accessories should highlight how fab we look, right?

    WTG on January's goals and February looks ambitious! Fantastic. I'm a goal setter too, I like projects and being a little bit competitive helped me lose the weight (and keep it off)

  6. Lynsey

    I do set goals. (Don't always make them though.) I have some set for Feb on my blog.

    Love the purse. I think you look wonderful in your new workout outfit.

    Good luck with Feb!

  7. Fran

    Good luck on the February goals!

    I love Harry Potter, read them all twice and that wasn't the last time I have read them.

    Like your new work outfit!


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