Workout Blues

Ah… Happy Friday!! I just love this day of the week! 
I have lots to do today, so this will be a very quick post with no pictures. Sorry!
I actually need your help. 
A few months ago, even right up through the New Year, I was in a decent groove on getting my workouts in. I was even chugging along with the C25K training plan. Then something happened. I made my resolutions, started hunting for a new job, went on a trip, continued hunting for a new job and all my workout mojo was left in the dust. I need it back, and I need it back like yesterday! 
I feel so frustrated. The motivation just isn’t there.
Every morning this week I have stepped on the scale. 
Every morning the scale has read: 188.8
Obviously I am eating okay since I appear to be in maintenance mode, 
so if I only had some workout mojo then I would be losing! Right? 
I know I am the only one that can do this. 
I am the only one who can get rid of these workout blues.
Hopefully I will have some good news to report on Monday!
Have a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “Workout Blues

  1. Becky

    To be honest, I rarely have the motivation to work out. I can always find a reason that I can't or that it needs to be skipped. The only time I successfully work out consistently is when I put it in my schedule, make no excuses, and go no matter what. It always helps to remind myself that spending a half an hour on myself each day is a pretty small price to pay for awesome results. Also, I KNOW that I will never regret going. I try to remember those things to keep myself on track. Also, I avoid my pitfalls like the plague. I know if I go home and don't immediately change into my workout clothes, I won't go to the gym. So, first thing I do when I get home is grab those clothes. I hope you find something that works for you!

  2. Ann

    Lady – you know you need both exercise and healthy eating for long-term success. Have you written a calender or training plan so you know what you're doing each day? I would make one up, or follow the c25k plan, if it works for you!! I also make “dates” to workout with friends – virtually or irl. And, of course, new workout clothes are a huge motivator. 🙂 you can do it!!!!

  3. james, a priorfatguy

    When you put put a lot of stuff on that ol proverbial plate of life it can really get hard to carry. I'm in the same boat. I ran. The fact I tried something new gave me my spark back. So go to the gym, find something you've never tried before, and give it a shot. It worked for me . . . maybe do the same for you?

  4. Kristi

    You will get your motivation back. It's the beginning.. those first few days of exercising when you really don't want to, but once you start you'll relalize how good you are feeling. It'll be a part of your every day routine again. I need to listen to my own advice. I am slowly trying to get my exercise mojo back.

  5. Blubeari

    When I am short on motivation, I just make plans and stick to them. Even if it's not fun, I know I'll enjoy the results from it and I'll eventually come out of my workout rut and enjoy it again. Or maybe set some new goals fitness-wise… try something you haven't before? If you have Living Social or Groupon in a city near you they are always doing deals on fitness classes, etc.

  6. Sarahf

    Go easy on yourself, beating yourself up doesn't help. I often force myself to get out for a run, but I usually enjoy it when I get out. Like everyone else, I recommend finding a workout buddy, online or in person. You can do this!!

  7. Fran

    Plan your workouts in your schedule like you do with your other appointments. That's how I do it. I often don't have the motivation to go but writing it down it's like a date with myself and I usually do it.

    Another thing that helps is plan something that you have to train for like a 5K run or something.

  8. Jon, Sara, Tyler, and Sophie

    I can completely relate – I have yet to find my exercise groove. While I was on school break, I was doing pretty well, but there was no real method – just worked out a some point in the day. Now that our school break is over, I have yet to find the balance between my family, my teaching, and my exercise. I know that one thing that would help me would be a workout buddy…just need to find someone close or someone who's available at similiar times for a virtual pal. Good luck in getting your groove back!

  9. Syl

    I found that putting a calendar on the fridge and writing down my workouts on it really helps, it's like getting a star sticker from your teacher when you were in school. Always gives me a sense of accomplishment.
    Also scheduling your workouts at the same time very day helps me. I schedule for after the kids are in bed and it is something I look forward to everyday!


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