Boredom and Announcement

Good morning and happy Tuesday to ya!
Today I need to admit that I have not been living the healthy life. I have been traveling down the highway of excuses, laziness, binges and chocolate.
For the last week all I have wanted to do is EAT! Some where there is a feeling of uncontrollable hungry. I think I have figured out where it is coming from. After talking last night with Lindsay, I believe my “hunger” is being driven from boredom.
Boredom because I am not working at the moment. Boredom because I am not in school. Boredom because I pretty much sit around my house all day trying to make up things to do and keep myself entertained.
Last week I wrote about the idea of keeping a food journal, HERE

Since starting my journal on Friday, it has already proved to be very eye opening. Here are some of the notes I have wrote to coincide with my food entries: 
  • Smelt food and had to eat something too. Not real hunger.
  • Not a good start to morning or afternoon. Felt a continuous need to eat.
  • I didn’t want to stop eating. It was like I haven’t had a meal in days.
  • Chocolate. Just because I wanted chocolate.
  • Yes, almost half a pizza. It’s what we always do. Must break habit!
Just from re-reading these notes I can see that I am way off balance. I can also tell that I AM eating because I am bored. Now I need to figure out how to change before I start gaining more weight. 
I also know that my water intake is not where it needs to be. I should be drinking half my body weight, in ounces of water, everyday. I need to drink 95oz per day. Two days I only drank 50oz, and the other two days I drank NO water! 
Even though I have these super cute water bottles!
I haven’t done a real workout since going to Personal Training with Lindsay, 10 days ago! Sure I could fill my boredom with workouts. But let’s be honest here, am I really going to workout for more than an hour a day? Those chances are very slim! Like I said in the beginning, I am on a highway of laziness. I am struggling to find the motivation just to workout for 30 minutes a day.
This is just a rough patch. I want to lose weight, I want to be healthy and fit into nicer clothes. I want to be that 140 pound ball of sass that I used to be. 
In the spirit of ending this on a positive note, I have some news to share! I am going to train for a half marathon. This is scary for someone who can’t even run a 5k yet. But this particular half marathon is not until February/March of 2012!
What half marathon am I going to run? Well, back at the Prior Fat Girl event I made a little pact with some of the other girls that we will register and run the… 
You can get all sorts of info on the event HERE! The details for next years race is not up yet, but I would guess it will be available shortly after this years race is complete. So, who is going to run it with me? I believe Elle, a Prior Fat Girl, and Ann from Twelve in Twelve are committed. Possibly even Jen, the Prior Fat Girl.
This is open to all! We can make it a fun blogger get together. Guys can’t race, women only, but guys are welcome to cheer us on!
QUESTION: I can take all the help I can get for pushing through a 5k and getting on my way to running a half marathon! So let me here your suggestions! And if you have anything to help me stop eating out of boredom, I am open to that too! 

4 thoughts on “Boredom and Announcement

  1. Becky

    YES! I'm so excited for you! I really hope I can convince my husband to let me fly out there to run it. I love the idea of an all female race, especially a Disney race.

    I don't have any good advice on the boredom eating…It's my biggest issue. I just try to realize I'm bored, walk away and distract myself. Drink some water. And then hopefully it goes away.

  2. Sarah

    Okay, so I am SO gonna try to do this.. I say try because I don't want to say I'm going to do it then flake out (something I'm good at, and trying to stop)..

    I'm glad we are back to being brain-wave twins (I was getting a little worried for a bit there.. lol), and I know that we can both do this.. I am wanting to know the answers to the same questions..

    I do agree with the drink water thing.. I've got to get back to where I drink water before I ever eat anything, because most of the time I'm thirsty, not hungry..

  3. Sarahf

    Sabrina, I started running 3 years ago because I was so overweight, it was making me miserable. Last year I ran 3 half marathons and have just started to make plans to run a full marathon this year. eek! I'm now actually pretty annoying in my enthusiasm for running, even though I have my bad days when I have to force myself to move at all. My tips? 1) Go easy on yourself. It doesn't matter if you're the slowest in the crowd, or if you have to walk a little. The great thing about running is that your only competitor is you. 2) Keep it fun. Run with friends, run with good music, find beautiful spots to go running and enjoy. Then you'll want to do more without forcing yourself. 3) But… Sometimes, you'll need to push yourself out the door, especially at first. Get your running clothes on and head out.
    I'd love to do the Disney Princess run, it looks like a really fun event.

  4. SkinnyGirlSetFree

    How exciting! What an awesome goal!

    Ok….if you're not up for a 5K yet, then try the Couch To 5K program ( In 9 weeks it takes you from walking to running by alternating each until you gradually run the whole thing. Depending on your phone, you can get apps that will cue you when to walk & run. If that's not an option for you – check out the website for podcasts you can download to cue you. I personally used the app by Bluefin Software and thought it was great!

    Beyond 5K – I have seen a “Bridge To 10K” app (iPhone). It works like the 5K app. That should keep you moving right along….

    Happy Running!


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