14 Days of Pictures

I am still doing my 365 days of photos, even though I haven’t been posting them. Before I get any further behind I am going to catch you all up!! RIGHT NOW!
1.11.11 – Enjoy Iced Green Tea

1.12.11 – Ready to go!

1.13.11 – Hello Minnesota!

1.14.11 – Enjoying a Monster Margarita with Lindsay!

1.15.11 – Jen @ PFG Event

1.16.11 – Play time at Mall of America
1.17.11 – Saying good-bye! =(
1.18.11 – Finally started reading Harry Potter.

1.19.11 – Lunch. Pasta & Chicken Sausage
1.20.11 – Working on my new food journal.
1.21.11 – My first journal entry.

1.22.11 – My water bottle rotation.

1.23.11 – My niece was in Oz! 

1.24.11 – Yes, I bought this shirt!
Okay, so we’re all caught up now! I feel much better! 
I am working on a post for tomorrow where I will talk more about my new food journal and reveal some truths about my weight loss struggles.  See ya’ll tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “14 Days of Pictures

  1. Lynsey

    Love the pics. I should just do a plain ole paper journal. I rely too much non the computer doing it all for me and it may not even be right most of the time.

  2. Vegan Chick Pea

    Thanks for posting these! I loved seeing them! That journal looks awesome… and how cool is it that you have a bunch of water bottles in rotation! I just bought a second one a few weeks ago, and it's made a difference! Have a great day!

  3. Elle

    Hey Sabrina! Thanks for commenting 🙂
    I'm going to start following your blog now, kapeesh? I can't wait to catch up on your journey, and I love the idea of one picture every day. Very cool. Also, are we still on for the Disney Princess Half? I am running my first 5K in February (gah!), so let the training begin!


  4. Becky

    Disney Princess half next year? I am totally interested–seriously. I have eyed that race far too many times not to consider it. And hello—how could you not mention on your blog that you were thinking of running it! That's huge news! What a fun group to run it with!


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