“Growth means change and change involves risk, 

stepping from the known to the unknown.”

~ Author Unknown

I have been back from Minnesota for a few days now, and it’s be almost a week since the Prior Fat Girl Get Together. Topics and discussion from the event are still ringing in my head. On a side note: I probably won’t do a full re-cap of the event, because so many things were touched upon. What I will do is talk about certain topics as they are relevant to my life and journey. If you want to read more about the event in detail you can visit Kris’s Blog. She did a STELLAR job taking notes and putting together 3 full blogs of info.


Both Jen and Paul (a Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach from Lifetime Fitness) both talked about how useful journaling can be to us during our journey. I believe it was Jen’s Carlos that said “Successful people track results”. Knowing where you have been and where you are now can give you a pretty good idea of where you will be in the future.

Since the event I have been thinking a lot about keeping a journal, what goes into it, and how it affects me. I remember how I used to journal when I was growing up. There are boxes upon boxes of my journals that are written in from cover to cover. I was good at it! But what happened? Over the last several years keeping a journal is something I have not done. Maybe it is something that went away with age. I have also noticed that my note taking skills and organizational skills have also diminished since my journaling days.

I use this blog as a virtual journal; writing my thoughts, struggles and success. It is not often that I write here about food and exercise. I use My Fitness Pal to track food, weigh-ins and weight; but even with all the support that can be found there, I still lose my desire to track.

Some people at the event mentioned that they use a number scale to help them track how hungry they are during the day. Am I eating because I am hungry? Or eating just because? How hungry am I? Many other people also take photos of everything they eat. Photographing all my food is a lot to manage, and I don’t know if I am there just yet.

So where am I going with all this? I have come to the decision that I am going to revert back to my journaling days. I am going to get a large notebook, weigh in every day, track hunger cues and desires, track my food and calories, track my water, and track my workouts. I am going to make it fun and colorful. I am going to make it useful for me!

Keeping a written journal will set me up for success and keep me accountable. But I have to be honest in my journaling or it won’t work. If I write it all down then my journal becomes a record. I can look back and see what worked or what didn’t. On certain days I can transfer my journal to my blog.

Paul told us to pick one or two things to do consistently and become good at. If we are consistent in our changes we will see results. The first change I am going to make and implement is journaling. I believe this change can make me more successful.

Question: You are on the same healthiness journey as I am and you need to implement a change to start doing consistently. What is that change, and why?


10 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. Sarahf

    I try food diaries from time to time if I feel I need to. I've never been a journal person so I get all irritated by it. I am trying cutting back on one or two things a week and going gradually. For me gradual change works better.

  2. Fran

    I track my food at this moment but I don't see it helps me very well. It seems that once my mind is into it I make the right choices. So I'm thinking about quitting this.

    But I do keep a journal since January 1st, every week I write down what went well, what went wrong. I also track my workouts on different websites, in a running logbook and in an Excel spreadsheet.

    I also have set some goals this year and I keep track of that in an Excel spreadsheet too.

    The only thing I don't like and never did like is tracking my food.

  3. Sarah

    I need to track my calories but now since I work more I find I am not tracking. Letting it just slip by.

    I do write my weight down every morning in a calendar but other then that & this blog that is all I have.

  4. sassyshananigans

    Journaling is a a great idea! It will be great to look at how far you've come.

    Personally, I'm struggling with letting it all go on the weekends. I'm working on holding myself accountable even when not at a computer to track..I'm thinking the app I got for my phone might help 🙂

  5. krisgetshealthy

    I track my food I would say 95% of the time. When I started food journaling back in Oct 09, I wouldn't dream of putting a scrap of food in my mouth without putting it on a scale, or knowing exactly what was in it. I still don't love not having all the info but I am secure in my ability to make a decision and live with it once in a while.
    I didnt last long with a paper and pen journal. Maybe a month. I use LoseIt! on the ipod touch. I also have a few other tracking programs on there just to get calorie info from other sources if I am in a bind. However I find I dont use them as much as I once did.
    I try to “best guess” when I am off and running without calorie info, holding myself accountable. I dont like red numbers in my program but I am getting used to it, 1500 calories a day is what I am set at right now… which is hard when you spend 30 hours awake like I did the day we met.
    Anyway, like Jen said, a journal can be a tool, use it for a while, put it away bring it back as it helps nothing lasts forever, but it is great to have the tools to make us successful.

  6. Kristi

    I used to journal all the time when i was younger. I go through them at times and am able to be taken back to that place by my words. I miss it. I wish I never stopped journaling, but it is hard to get back into. I think making it fun and colorful is a great idea.

  7. Ann

    Journaling is a great idea! I agree with the speakers and everyone that it's crucial to know what you are eating, when, and why.

    My most valued piece of advice? STOP AND THINK. Take a second to think about what you are doing and why, think about what you are eating, and if you are exercising – and think about it before you make a decision. Not that you don't think about things now, but listening to that voice in my head about whether or not my decisions help reach my goals has really helped me. 🙂 And I'm not perfect, but the more and more I practice it, the better I get at making better decisions.


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