Live from Minnesota!!

Hello!!! How are you? It’s been a while! First, I want to give a warm welcome to my new followers! Glad to have you along! 

Second, sadly I am not really live from Minnesota. I am back in Florida and missing my BBF, Lindsay. I arrived late last night but I am already planning my next trip back.

I am pretty sure everyone wants a recap of my weekend, so here we go!

  • I arrived in Minneapolis on Thursday afternoon around 2pm Central Time.

  • Snow, snow everywhere! I was so excited! But I was even more pumped to get my bags and rush downtown! And that is where Lindsay and I had our first meeting. Cue slow music and video of us running through the snow to greet each other! Honestly, it was like we have known each other forever
  • We ate out at some different places that I don’t have down here in Florida. I even cheated on Starbucks.
  • Friday morning Lindsay had personal training, so I went with her. It was arms day. I can’t tell you the last time I worked my arms. It was only a half hour session but boy was I hurting for a few days after! Thanks Katie!
  • After the gym it was time for some Monster fun! 

  • Friday night we went to Ann’s for her 26th Birthday. 

Me, Ann, and Lindsay
  • Saturday morning we were up dark and early to get ready for the main event. The Prior Fat Girl One Breath One Step Get together. We had great speakers who made great points. I got to meet Elle, James, Kris and some other great people.
Paul a dietitian at Life Time Fitness.

Stacey from Kitchen Werks.

Some of the new gear we could get!

The ever so lovely, Jen!!
  • Over the next few days I will write more about the topics from the event, but here are a few points that really stuck:
  1. Meal plans and diets are as individual as our fingerprints.What works for one probably won’t work for someone else. 
  2. Track the results. Good and bad. Journal, photos and number scales. Tracking results and number happens in everyday life, why not with weight loss?
  3. Weight loss isn’t a result, it’s a side effect. 
  4. Start by making one or two small changes, do it well and consistently then build from there. 


  • On Sunday Lindsay took me to the Mall of America. It was defiantly big, and we probably burned some major calories walking around that beast. It was super cool to see.

  • And on Monday it was time for me to go home. I was quite sad to leave, but I know I will be back very soon!  

On one of the walls Lindsay has this quote: 

May all who enter as guests, leave as friends.” 
How true! Not only are we BBF’s (Best Blogger Friends), we are also friend in life. Our friendship extends way past this blog, and I am ever so grateful for that! 
My new buddy, Dexter!

It’s so hard to say goodbye…
Lindsay, thank you thank you THANK YOU for such a wonderful weekend and for being an amazing person and friend! Miss you!! 🙂

P.S. – I kind of stunk at taking pictures during this trip. I was really too busy enjoying myself and taking it all in. I will do better next time! 

And for all you who were at the PFG event that I did not get to talk to, I will see you at the next one! Also, leave me a link to you blog so I can keep up with you in the mean time!!


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