I Wish Wendnesday

I wish I may, I wish I might,
have the wish, I wish tonight.
We’ll make a wish, and do as dreamers do,
and all our wishes, will come true!
In no particular order …
I wish …
  • That all the men and women returning home from deployments have a very joyous reunion with their families and friends. Especially Michelle, I know she has been anxiously awaiting this day for a long time!
  • That all the men and women serving our country here and abroad are kept safe from harms way and that they always know how much we appreciate them. 
  • That my mom has a very happy birthday today!
  • That I may have safe, speedy, and on-time travels to Minnesota tomorrow. And that my luggage arrives with me!
  • For a wonderful long weekend filled with making new friends and learning new things! 
  • That Lindsay, and Adam, know just how much I appreciate them opening their home and lives to me for the weekend!! x0x0x
  • That my digital scale was not broken! I had to go use my parents scale from the 90’s and it is never very kind to me, but the scale hand did stop right at the 189 mark. So if that holds true it would equal a loss of 3.2 pounds since last Wednesday. Some of which I have to believe is from being sick, the rest for not being on my own scale! 


1.11.11 – Handmade scarf for MN!
1.12.11 – Bags are packed! Almost.
I will not be bringing my laptop with me on this trip so this is my last blog until next week. I won’t arrive home until later on Monday night and probably won’t get a blog up until sometime Tuesday. I know you all will be anxiously awaiting my re-cap from Minnesota and the PriorFatGirl event. I do have Google Reader on my phone so I can stay up to date with most blogs, but I most likely will not do much commenting. 
  • Do you like traveling?  — I do! I love everything about it!
  • What is your favorite part of traveling? — Flying. I love getting on a plane and being in a different place within hours. I love airports and coffee shops. I love looking out plane windows. I love the whole physique of flying!
  • What is your least favorite thing about traveling? — Packing. Making sure my suite case is UNDER 50 pounds! That is rough!

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