I Wish Wednesday!

I wish:
  • Losing weight was easy! 
  • Running was easier! Hopefully when I lose weight! 
  • I had a running or workout buddy!
  • I could focus and finish school!
  • That chocolate was calorie free!
  • I could see my family in Italy more often!
  • I lived in a more exciting city! I am so bored here!
  • Whole Foods wasn’t an hour away!
  • All major sports teams were not 2+ hours away!
  • I lived somewhere with all 4 season, yes, even the blizzards! 
  • That Ikea wasn’t so far away either! I love decorating with their stuff! 
  • I could sleep in on a regular basis! 
  • I was never in that car accident on Aug 25th, 2008.
  • I had a full time, steady, reliable job. 
  • We didn’t have to worry about unemployment or our futures.
  • That we could live in a world where war doesn’t exist.
  • I had a new car, darn it!  
  • For a FSU victory on Friday night! They play South Carolina in the Chick-Fil-a bowl!
  • That more people read what I write and ramble about. 
  • That we all have an amazing new years! Not just this weekend, but an amazing 2011! That we all find a way to push ourselves and achieve our “Resolutions” of sorts. 
  •  I wish today was Wednesday, January 12th, my mom’s birthday! The next day I fly to Minnesota to meet my amazing and beautiful friend, Lindsay!

 Question: What do you wish? No matter how big, small, serious, or silly!


7 thoughts on “I Wish Wednesday!

  1. Sarah

    I wish I was out of debt (school loans and credit card stuff) and could afford to buy my parents house and demolish it.. lol..

    It's so old and badly built that it wouldn't sell for anywhere near the amount they paid for it.. 😦

  2. Fran

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

    Reading your wish list makes me feel lucky because most of the things you wish for I have.

    Running gets easier but not because you lose weight but because you keep doing it. I haven't lost that much weight since I started running but it did get easier by just keep on doing it.

    I wish that a lot of your wishlist things come out in 2011.

  3. Becky

    I think you should make a post about this car wreck. That would be one of the questions I would've asked you had I known!

    I wish that it was possible to lose more than 1-2 lbs per week and have it be healthy. I also wish plateaus didn't exist. Ooooo and I wish all healthy food tasted as delicious as caramels! 🙂

  4. Sarahf

    I am with you on so many of those things. But if chocolate didn't have so many calories, it wouldn't be as much fun. Think of carrots!
    I wish Japan and England were closer, then I could hang out with all of my favourite people in both places all the time, instead of having to choose.

  5. Kristi

    I love this post and I love all your wishes!!!! I'm so jealous your going to Minnesota. I went to the last PFG get together and met Lindsay! So nice and sweet, and of course Jen. You'll love them both!


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