Inside My Room

I hope you didn’t open this because you are some creepy perv. 
You won’t be finding that sort of blog here. Sorry!
I have been saying for some time now that I need to paint and hang pictures in my room. It has been a goal of mine that I kept putting off. Well, I finally did it!
I accidentally deleted my “Before” pictures. 
So these are more like “in the process” pictures! 
I started by cleaning my closet and dresser! Clothes, clothes everywhere!!

That doesn’t include what I already bagged up to donate! Oye!
I went from light blue walls with holes and patches from things hung on the wall.
  Which you can sort of see in the first picture below. 
 To a nice brown color and really brings out my furniture and decor!

And my after pictures! 

This is on top of my dresser. My FSU corner! GO NOLES!

And my photo wall!

The pictures look off in the pictures I took, but they really aren’t. 
And I think I did a pretty darn good job for just eye balling everything!

I have 2 – 4 pictures I am still going to add on both sides and even it all out. 
Then it will be a finished product! 

My bookshelf. A work in progress because I have books all over the house!

Oh… look at that book! I should start using it. 

QUESTION: Do you decorate? What is your favorite project or what are you most proud of? And stay turned, there will be more of my projects coming up soon! 

10 thoughts on “Inside My Room

  1. Sarah

    Loving the new room! It's so pretty.. and grown-up looking (definitely in comparison to mine.. lol).. Loving the Noles corner.. we have a Colts ROOM in my house.. lol.. it's also known as my dad's den.. 😉

    But I love to decorate.. I wish I had more space to decorate, but seeing as I don't, I try to redecorate my space every now and then..

  2. Sandra

    I didn't expect to find anything kinky based on the name of your post, but after you mentioned it, my mind went into the gutter.
    Your room looks great! Makes me want to go buy some paint!

  3. Vegan Chick Pea

    I love the pics of your room! The shelves besides your bed are really neat… I can probably use some of those in my new room! All the other decorations are great too!

    Decorating is a ton of fun. Ever just move stuff around your room cos you wanted to make it look different? It's such a great time! 🙂

    … And if you put on music and randomly dance while decorating, it's even more fun! 🙂

  4. Tori

    I love what you've done! I just added a rug to my entryway…finally after 4 years of wanting one! Made a huge difference!

    You did a great job!!!


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