Christmas Weekend

All in all Christmas weekend was very quiet around my house. The whole family was here, but it was fairly small and simple. Here are some pictures to recap. 

 Woke up on the Eve on Christmas Eve to make lasagna with my mom!

 My Grandfather’s Lasagne Verdi Pasticciate to be exact…
Sorry.. it’s an old Italian family recipe going back generations. 
There will be no recipe sharing on this blog.

Making the meat sauce, the Bechamel sauce, rolling out the pasta and boiling it…

 And then it all comes together for a very scrumptious meal!!

Even Chloe got in on the action by being our dishwasher!

Chloe and I played in the leaves while we waited for the family to arrive. 

My older brothers came… 

 So did my niece and nephew. We went out for some bowling fun!

Then we got dressed up for church…
This year we kept the decorations simple…

 Our Christmas is never complete without a Nativity scene. 
What did I get for Christmas??  
I got lots of these… 
So I can buy one of these…
A Nook Color!! :o) 
And I got these awesome socks… 
They are from Bath & Body Works. They smell like Lavender, are soft and comfy and ROCK MY FACE OFF!! haha! 
In other news… I posted THIS a few days ago, to open myself and my blog up for any questions you might have. I got a few on the blog and another few in my email. Keep em coming and I will do a response blog tomorrow evening! Follow this LINK and leave me your questions. I hope to add to the four questions I already received.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Weekend

  1. Sarah

    Seriously, I am SO HUNGRY after looking at the yummy lasagna.. 🙂

    Glad you had a great Christmas.. and you'll have to let us know how great that Nook thingy is.. lol

  2. Ash

    I absolutely love lasagna… Omfg. =)

    On another note… Thank you for commenting on my blog. It's nice to know I'm not alone in the holiday gloom (although I don't wish The Sadness on anybody.)

    I hope your holiday went well. Looking forward to following you. =D


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