Final Weigh In of 2010

How bad do you want to lose weight and get fit? 
Yesterday while I was griping about my struggles and stress of losing weight someone decided to get real with me. Why must people do that when all I want to do is complain about something? Can’t I have my moment? 
Anyways… First she asked me how bad do I want to lose weight and get fit. I quickly answered “more than anything!”. If I didn’t like this person so much I would have started to dislike her after her next statement! 
“You must not want it bad enough; if you did you would find a way to succeed!”
What? Who says that to a person? I honestly wanted to knock her upside the head! It caught me off guard, shocked me, and sort of upset me too
Once I calmed down a bit I realized how right she was. Just the fact that she was right started to annoy me even more. It has given me something to ponder. 
I know I haven’t been in the right mindset since before Thanksgiving, and that is my own fault. I have been distracted with the holidays and letting the holidays be my excuse. Right now I don’t want it bad enough. You can tell from my actions and my weigh ins!
I have already reflected on the year past and thought about the year that lies ahead; butfor now I need to take some time to clear my head and re-group. I will start 2011 with a vengeance! 2011 will be the year of success!  
 I weighed in today, but then I am not going to weigh in again until January 5th. I am going to take a vacation. No, I am not actually going anywhere; 
not yet anyways! I am going to take a mental health vacation. 
I am going no numbers for two weeks! No scales, no weigh ins, and no calorie counting. I am going to rely on making good ole fashioned healthy choices. I hope this is the right decision for me and the success of my weight loss.
I will still have plenty to write about. Keep checking in on me!
So, here is my FINAL weigh in of 2010! 

With a gain of 2.6 pounds, this weigh in is brought to you courtesy of my Android phone. I had to improvise since everything is stacked up in other rooms so I could paint and re-decorate yesterday.

QUESTION: How bad do you want to lose weight and get fit? What are you willing to do, or not do, in order to achieve your success?


5 thoughts on “Final Weigh In of 2010

  1. Kristi

    I'm so there with you. My weight loss journey has kind of come to a stand still since Thanksgiving. It's not like I don't think about it, but I just think of everything else. I decided not to let it worry me. I know once all the hustle from the holidays are over I'll get back into my groove. And you shouldn't worry about it right now either. Enjoy the holidays!!!

  2. PlushBelle

    I am so embarrassed to admit that on most days I just don't want it bad enough. Only when I have crappy days where I'm really tired or nothing in my closet fits do I want it bad enough to do almost anything. I am not really sure why I feel this way and it is something that I need to work through to be successful!

  3. Sarah

    I think towards Thanksgiving I started to realize I didn't want this as bad as I did when I started.. I still wanted it, just wanted some other stuff more, so it got shifted to the back of my mind..

    Good for you for taking the statement as a kick in the pants, so to speak.. I'm sure the person never would have said that to your face, and prolly didn't intend it to hurt your feelings (even for a second).. but I get the whole smacking thing.. lol.. I'd want to too.. 😉

  4. Myzdamena's World

    Good luck with the scales cold turkey 🙂 I'm sure the choices you'll make will be the right ones..

    …mmmm turkey it's ages since I had any of that …

    I can't say I completely agree with 'if you want it that badly you can get it' .. I used to think that and that's how I got so ill in the first place as I didn't take the doctors' restrestrest advice and pushpushpushed myself as before I was unwell I was very active and just thought I could run myself out of it hehe.. and ended up probably messing my body more up in the long run than if i'd have just sat on my butt lol..

    However, what was said for you was a kick in the bum, and kicks in the bum are A Very Good Thing 🙂 .. figuratively speaking of course.. 🙂

    I loove the way your feet look in that photo btw… mine just look like a big splat and I have an ugly big toenail lol

    *hugs* and a Happy New Year to you xxxx

    G xxx


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