Decemeber Half Way

Hey all! So, last week, after writing my reflections post I meant to sit down and review my progress on my goals for this month. But that didn’t quite happen on time and now we are a wee bit more than half way through the month! Better late than never right?
Before I get to that, I need to confess that I was a bad blogger this weekend! I went on a few different adventures and didn’t take a single picture. Actually, I don’t think I brought my camera along for all of them either! 
  • Log 30 miles – Running or walking – If you count shopping as walking, great! But I have no idea how many miles. 
  • Make a NEW Training Schedule by December 4th and STICK to it!! – Did I put that here as a joke? 
  • Drink 64 ounces of water PER DAY! – I am doing really well with this actually!! I have a new water bottle to help me and Crystal Light! 

      • Use MFP and DailyMile to their full potential! – I have stopped using both for the moment until I get my head in the right spot.  
      • Read and finish 3 books – This was easy! I am done with two, just trying to decide between reading one more non series book or finally starting Harry Potter. 

      • Paint and hang pictures! – This is actually in the process of happening now! I want it done before everyone comes from Christmas! 
      • Buy plane ticket to Minnesota to see my BBF LindsayDONE! And I am so excited!

        • Try not to spend too much Christmas shopping! – I have done really well with not spending too much. I am very pleased with myself.  
        • Let’s try the not gain weight thing again(187) – That was a joke too right? Seriously I can’t stop gaining weight. I was a little over a pound a way from 187 at last weeks weigh in. This morning, when I sneaked a peek at the scale, I was up 2 pounds! *GASP!* Not even kidding here when I say I wanted to quit. I looked down, saw that wretched number (even though tomorrow is official weigh in day) and thought to myself “A 10 pound loss is good enough! I will just maintain this weight forever.” I am such a horrible accountability partner if I can’t even keep myself going in the right direction! This is horribly frustrating, I am tired of failing and I just want a new start! There, I said it– whine whine whine! This too shall pass and I can start anew!

          Stay tuned… this week shall not have any more rants. I don’t think I will do a Weigh In tomorrow, but I haven’t decided yet. I will take you for a photographic peek inside my bedroom (Don’t be pervs!) when it’s all redecorated. Also, I think I may even write a Christmas inspired blog or two! 


          2 thoughts on “Decemeber Half Way

          1. Becky

            Reading through your last posts (along with Lindsay's), you both seem incredibly stressed out about the weight loss journey. Losing weight isn't easy and it never will be, but it definitely shouldn't be this painful or stressful. Where are your stresses coming from? Is it the number on the scale? Perhaps it is time to banish it back to its hiding spot and just focus on the basics. Since counting calories is extra stressful right now, perhaps try a different route–maybe cut processed food? Or make a goal of eating all the required veggies and fruits per day rather than focusing on calorie content? Something that maintains a healthy approach without making you go crazy with numbers. No matter what–don't give up on yourself. The weight WILL come off; it just takes a lot longer than any of us want it to. Perhaps make some training goals–sign up for a 5K in a few months with a friend or anything that sounds like a fun challenge to you. Hopefully some of this helps! I know you can do it!

          2. Sarah

            Oh, Sabrina.. I'm so sorry you aren't having success with weight loss RIGHT NOW.. but I beg you not to give up (especially since you have told me not to)..

            I honestly wish I could help you physically in some way.. but I am more than happy to help ya be accountable via FB or texting.. If your interested, email me.. 🙂


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