Freedom and Things!

Happy Friday! TGIF!! 
Freedom: Since I published my blog yesterday, I have continued to reflect on the past year and where I am headed in the upcoming year. Lately I have been stuck in a life rut and more specifically a weight loss rut! A lot of things about my healthiness journey didn’t quite click with me. I am slowly starting to piece things together — with the help of my amazing friend, Lindsay!
Right now I am happy! I feel free from the restraints of my “diet”. I feel free to go forth and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Happy? Yep, yesterday I honestly felt HAPPY about the foods I was eating. I knew I made a lot of great choices. And I did NOT count a single calorie!
I am setting myself free from numbers. I will explain more about this later and keep you posted. For now I am learning with trial and error. I will tell you that having this renewed outlook on dieting, losing weight, and living a healthier life just feels GREAT!
WordPress: All right, where are all my WordPress people?!?! I need your help! I am seriously thinking about moving my blog over to WordPress. However, I think I might be stuck. You see, I purchased my blog domain through Blogger/Google/Go Daddy. I have looked through a lot of the WordPress support forums, but nothing is making sense. I just can’t seem to figure out how to get a domain I already own over to the WordPress platform. HELP! Suggestions would be fabulous!!
Give Away: I completely forgot to tell you guys about this the other day! Go visit the lovely and beautiful Virgina at her blog Meet Virgina! Enter to win her give away. Entries close at 5pm tonight. Or… on second thought, don’t go… I sort of want to win it myself! Merry Christmas to me!!  
Have a FABULOUS weekend!

2 thoughts on “Freedom and Things!

  1. Michelle

    I was thinking about word press as well but i have no clue how to do it all. I think there are people you can pay to set it all up for you but I don't know if I want to do that.

  2. Sarah

    Can't wait to catch up with you. Though I may not comment on a bunch of previous posts I will mostly like read some so I know what all I have missed. Great to see you sounding happy!!!


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