100th Reflection

Happy 100th Blog to ME!
Hard to believe I have reached this point already. A big thanks to my readers. It’s been a HUGE learning experience. I don’t know what my next 100 posts will bring, but I promise to keep writing and to always be as real as possible. 
For me, I have reached a milestone. I never imagined that writing like this would become a habit I enjoy. I knew this blog was coming up and I had been considering what I wanted to write about. 
Recently, the lovely Sly wrote about the first part of a challenge she is starting for the new year! (Boy do I need whatever challenge she has in store.) She asked us to reflect on 2010 and make new goals for 2011 that we can grow from. My 100th blog post seems like an appropriate place to share my reflections.  
“If we all did the things we are capable of,
we would astound ourselves.” — Thomas Edison 
  • What needs work?
    • My workouts
    • My motivation
    • My commitment
    • My dedication
    • Drinking more water
  • What didn’t work?
    • Saving money
    • Counting calories
    • Staying in school
    • Making workout plans
  • What have I learned?
    • It’s okay to mess up. 
    • But it’s not okay to give up.
    • Putting Crystal Light in my water is also okay! 
    • Weight loss does not come easy. 
    • Food is not my enemy. Neither are workouts. 
    • I really love writing and photography. Who knew?
  • What went right?
    • I finally made the choice to live healthy. It’s a work in progress but I made the choice!
    • Having an accountability partner to confined in.
  • What am I most proud of? 
    • My blog! Really, I never thought it would evolve into what it has. 
    • My new friendships because of blogging and other networks. 
“If you don’t know where you are going,
you will end up someplace else.” — Yogi Berra
  • Goals for 2011: 
    • Commit to school and being the student I know I can be.
    • Become well read in a variety of books that are normally out of my comfort zone. Read at least 40 books this year. 
    • Spend less energy stressing over food and calories, focus on making healthier choices. 
    • Make exercise a priority instead of an option.
    • Learn to run and commit myself to the training. 
    • Enjoy my days a single woman. Live life to the fullest! Carpe Diem!
    • Explore the world. Move from place I have always been.
    • Take a writing and photography class.
    • 365 day photo project. Take a picture everyday. 
Fuel for blog writing.

Where the thinking and writing happens.
My GOAL tab at the top of the page is now updated with these goals, 
along with some bucket list items.

Now I want to challenge all of you to go read this post by Sly, if you haven’t already. Take some time to reflect and then share your thoughts either here or on your own blog.

“Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me?
Why is my reflection someone I don’t know?
When will my reflection show who I am inside?” 
— Mulan, Disney
Christina Aguilera

5 thoughts on “100th Reflection

  1. Sarah

    Okay, so I’ve got to say this is my fave post of yours so far.. I knew about Syl’s challenge, but I didn’t know what to write about.. but now, I’ve got some ideas, so thanks! I’m glad I found your blog and started following..

    Loving the quote at the end, btw.. Love that song.. 🙂

  2. Lynne

    Like the first commenter, I've read Syl's challenge, but wasn't exactly sure what to write. Minus a couple of things, your list could easily be mine. I really need to reflect on this past year and figure out how to move forward.
    Good luck with your goals!


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