Weekend Pictures

Good day! I hope everyone is staying warm… where ever you are!
I know most of you are probably freezing this morning (and I mean that quite literally). Mother Nature dumped some serious snow the last few days. If you have pictures from this weekends snow fall, send them to me at sabrinaisonthemove@gmail.com 
I will share them all in a blog later this week! 
Here in Florida we can’t seem to stay “cool” for more than 2 or 3 days before it warms back up into the 70’s. So while I may not be envious of those who dealt with blizzards, being snowed in and wind chills below zero; I am jealous of the snow and cold weather you have!

Now, hopefully I can warm some of you up with pictures from my weekend. I went to a MASSIVE company Christmas party that is held every year and is mostly outside. This year it was about 72 degrees and sunny.

A Florida Christmas isn’t complete without Palm Trees!

Do you see the Oak Tree decked with ornaments?
How about now?

4253 miles to the North Pole.
What Christmas party is complete without some Bull Riding?

Or a Hayride?

Yep, Santa’s Hayride!

On a John Deer tractor!! Yeehaw!

Night time pictures so its a bit hard to see — but we decorate our Palm Trees with Christmas lights!!

No holiday is complete without TREATS!!! Frozen Yogurt! Yum!
And cupcakes. Gingerbread on the left and Chocolate Peppermint on the right!

So that’s a wrap of some warm weekend holiday festivities. I just realized there are no pictures of me — I will work on that this week!! 

Don’t forget to email me your snow pictures (by noon on Wednesday – ET) and tell me where you blog (if you do) so I can link the pictures back to you!  

I will live vicariously through all of you until I get to go play in the snow… 
one month and counting! 



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