Saturday’s Study

Good Saturday Morning! 
Another Saturday morning blog, so that means I have been doing some serious thinking. 
I have lost 9 pounds since starting this journey in August. It’s good, but not great and certainly not where I imagined I would be. My goal back in August was to be at 170 by the end of the year, and that is still 25+ plus pounds down the road. I kept putting my weight loss on the back burner and telling myself it will come in time. 

That is the wrong thinking for someone who actually needs to lose weight!

In five weeks the holiday will have rushed right past us!
In five weeks I will be at the PFG Event in Minnesota with my BBF!
In five weeks I could weigh in at 181 (according to MFP)!

I did a spontaneous weigh in this morning and according to the scale I still have 8 pounds to lose just to get to that 181 mark! YIKES! Obviously doing nothing doesn’t help a person lose weight. Please don’t try that method, it doesn’t work. 😉

I am back to tracking calories, so that is a good thing, but I really need to step up the cardio! Actually, I need to do any exercise that will burn up some calories! 

I feel like I talk a good game, and talk in circles, but I don’t put up much of a fight.
I need to work on that! I don’t want these five weeks to breeze right by me and not be any closer to reaching a goal! So I am here to vow to myself (and anyone reading this) that:

  •  I will sweat my butt off at least 5 days a week for the next 5 weeks! 
  •  I will make all the appropriate changes in my diet 

I am vowing to make the numbers on the scale start to go down; rather then hoovering around the same spot. I want to enter 2011 with positive momentum. 
And, I will be keeping you posted along the way!

Question: In five weeks from today, where do you want to be in your healthiness journey? 

5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Study

  1. Jeniffer

    In 5 weeks, I will have again stepped on the weight scale (I have vowed not to do so this holiday season), know where I am weight-wise, and gotten back on track with my losing ways (weighs? Hehe).


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