Candy Free Friday!

Happy Friday to you, friends!
This week month has flown by! Crazy! And I am candy FREE today!
It’s been it rough trying to maintain my motivation on this healthiness journey. I have struggled mightily! But I am righting my wrongs and keeping on the path before me! (That’s the most important part, right?)
I am back to counting my calories, all of them, on MFP! I even finally got rid of this HUGE bag of M&M’s that has been tempting me every time I walk in the kitchen. 

I gave it to my mom to take to her school and give treats to the kids. I don’t care what she does with them, as long as it’s no longer in my kitchen! ARGH! I won’t lie though, I did have my fair share of M&M’s. Like this: 

I had to send a picture text to my BBF, Lindsay, with an SOS! 

I am so thankful to have a motivational partner like her! She is amazing and really helped rope me back in when I wanted to go have a wild night with the big ole M&M bag! 

So, yeah, I am pushing forward counting calories again and trying to get back in the exercise groove. I have also spent some time reflecting on the past year, even from before I started on this healthiness journey in August. Looking from where I came from and how I have improved. — That will be a blog on it’s own. So stay tuned! 

It feels good to be back on track and know what I am working towards. Even better to know I have someone to walk beside me! I am finally OK with my struggles, I know that they will happen. I have the determination to keep going because I know I will be able to celebrate my victories along the way, and in the end. 

I have also been working on goals and things for the upcoming year. Everything to this point is listed in my GOALS tab.

I had some other things to post about, but none seem blog worthy at the moment. But like I said, stay tuned. I do have a lot of pictures to share with you, so I will get working on that ASAP!! In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!!! 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Candy Free Friday!

  1. Sarah

    I’ve been having issues with the staying on track lately, too. It’s good to re-evaluate and re-establish some goals to get ya going again! Good luck with ’em! I know you can do it! 🙂


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