Has anyone ever asked you why you blog? 
Or have you ever really thought about your reasons? 
I think I have mentioned this before, but for me blogging started as a class assignment. We had a few different options, but I had tried the blogging thing before and I was already reading a few blogs so I decided what the heck!  
I already knew I needed to should lose weight, so that was the perfect direction to go.
Honestly, I didn’t start this blog out with the best of intentions. I guess a large part of me wanted to be “popular” because somehow that would make losing weight easier. Shockingly, within a matter of weeks, I realized that being popular in blog world is no easy task and certainly doesn’t help lose weight. Seems pretty bad, huh? 
I can wholeheartedly say that I blog for me! 
Blogging, for me, has become more than the comments I get or the weight I try to lose. It’s my personal journal to write all my struggles, demons, successes and dreams. I can reflect on my past and hope for the future. Blogging is a tool for me to figure myself out and make myself a better person. Blogging is an outlet to be real and write truthfully.
I can look back to one of my first posts and remember where I came from.
I can re-read one of my darkest days
I can revisit an entry full of results and realizations.
I can remember what fills me up completely with passion and happiness. 
I can remind myself of how good it feels to have a small victory in running. 

Just about every step of this journey is documented for me. I would like to hope that I am learning from it and one day I will be better because of it! 

Even though I blog for me, blogging still doesn’t make it easier to lose weight. I can write about what I eat or don’t eat, exercises and training plans. 
None of that matters if I don’t try

That whole popularity thing is so insignificant now. I have gained so much more than just some followers. (And I do love all you followers and commentators! <3)
 I have gain a new sense of self. I have taken myself to limits I didn’t know I could reach. I have dug up feelings I didn’t know forgot I had. I have learned things about food, dieting and exercise I didn’t know before. I have learned I can keep going no matter how badly I mess up or fail. 
Most of all, I have learned that it is okay to fail! 
I have made a few real awesome acquaintances and friends. You ladies and gents should know who you are. Some of you I chat with on Skype or through emails and messages on various social networks. It’s comforting to know other people actually understand. I even took a huge leap to friend someone on Facebook! Lucky for me she turned out to be a pretty special friend! 😉 
If it weren’t for blogging I don’t know where I would be with my struggles to lose weight. But I probably wouldn’t believe that losing weight and getting healthy is possible for me. I would probably have given up already and be back to sitting on the couch, eating some red and green Christmas M&M’s!

A week after Thanksgiving and I have realized how thankful I am to have blogging in my life. It’s given me gifts I truly did not expect to receive. As long as I am on this journey I will forever be grateful for that. 

Why do you blog? Or what have you learned from blogging?

Well, I have a pretty full weekend ahead of me. I am going to pick up my niece and nephew in Orlando when they get out of school today. Then they are helping me with a Holiday Fundraiser tomorrow. Tomorrow night we are throwing ourselves a little FSU football party since the Florida State Seminoles are playing in the ACC Championship game! And Sunday we will find something exciting to do before my brother comes to pick them up. 
Needless to say – I will have lots of fun pictures for you Monday. 

 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


8 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. gettingfitfor50

    I started blogging to have some accountability in my weight loss. I only really expected my friends and family to read my blog, and was actually surprised when none of them have (or admitted it), but I have been thrilled to have found a fabulous community of bloggers who have become supporters in my journey. This is great because it solves the accountability factor, but in the end, like you, I blog for myself.

  2. PlushBelle

    I’ve been a blogger for a few years. I have another blog where I share my daily life – outside of weight loss.

    Most of my family and friends don’t understand why I struggle with my weight and joined this community with the hopes of finding the weight loss equivalent of what I found with my personal blog.

    Good news is that I have found lots of support and encouragement in this community! ❤


    I started blogging for so many reasons…One reason is to track my personal challenges and all my attempts at self-improvement. Another reason is to share information that could maybe help people. I’ve also always wanted to work for a magazine (which I never pursued because it’s completely unrelated to my field of study) so I decided I would write my blog in that sort of magazine style and just post about random things that I’m really into. That makes it really fun for me.

    And yet another reason I started a blog was to help me “find myself”…how corny, eh? But seriously, it has really helped. I find over the years I had lost myself and had become so preoccupied with the dullness of my day-to-day life. Somehow blogging has helped me to focus on what I really want to achieve and it has helped me to make significant changes in my life.

    Omg I’m totally rambling, maybe I’ll turn this topic into a post on my blog! 🙂

  4. James, a priorfatguy

    Accountability, inspiration, encouragement, a great story to tell your family someday.

    I especially like being able to go back in time and see where i may have strayed. See how I was feeling and learn more about myself.

    Thanks for following along with me to by the by.

  5. Lindsay

    Part of me has lost the raason why I blog.. which is why I’m not longer an everyday blogger.

    I think it’s because of my rut. I sure hope so, because I REALLY enjoyed blogging!

    This too shall pass!

    Of course, I’m super thankful for all of the support and wonderful friends I’ve made. Hint, hint… you’re one of them!! Haha AS IF you didn’t already know!

    It’s funny, because I talk to you more than I talk to some of my “real life” friends. And you and I just click! I feel like we’ve been friends forever… and I sure hope that we are! Can’t wait to see you in a month!! 🙂

  6. Sarah

    Mostly I do it for accountability and tracking reasons. My memory is not the best and this gives me a record of where I came from and how far I have gone. It is also good for inspiration. When I have a woe is me moment, I can look back and see how much work I have done and where I have made it to… that helps so much!!!

  7. lauravirginia

    So well put, Sabrina!

    I started blogging just for fun and didn’t tell anyone about it. Once people found out, though, I felt like I had to please people and also felt the pressure to become a “popular” blogger. I found out quickly that that mindset was no good! It made my posts rushed and in-genuine, plus it took up waayy too much time!

    Now I blog just for me… kind of like a virtual scrapbook, if you will. It is so great to have it too look back on remind me of all the things that I have accomplished!

  8. Katie

    I agree with the popularity thing…the whole numbers game just doesn’t mean that much to me now. You gotta blog for you and nobody else!


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