The Unknown

  Okay… I follow many blogs. Some of them are wonderful food related blogs by some really lovely ladies! I need to figure out how their mind works, and how to get my mind to work like theirs! Make sense? 
In no offense to ANYONE! I truly admire all of you! I wish I had your will power and strength!
Many lovely ladies are cooking amazing foods and creating very tasty recipes to share on their blogs. Some where they are finding the will power to not eat more than a serving size of this decadent food. Which by the way I CAN smell through the computer! How does a person find the strength to not eat all those cookies in one sitting? — Okay, they are not always making cookies but you should get the point! 
Have you read similar blogs?
And many kudos to them because every day they have the determination to go out and run or do some form of kick ass sweat burning exercise! 
I obviously don’t know them personally, but most of their blogs are themed to healthy eating and fitness. Or something along those lines. 
I don’t get it. I wish I did. It would certainly help me out A LOT! 
I LOVE FOOD! I am a foodie! Basically, I love to cook and eat. 
But I have no self restraint when it comes to food. And then I certainly lack the determination to get out there and burn up a good sweat!

There must be a magic potion out there somewhere to turn me into a lean, mean, exercising machine. Right? And what about the potion so I only want to cook/eat healthier foods? AND! Don’t forget the one so I will only eat the correct portion size and not stuff my face like an over sized Gorilla! 

Maybe I should see a Nutritionist. Or a shrink! 

Okay. That’s my rant for the afternoon. Hope I am not the only one alone in this feeling. 

Again, no offense to all you wonderful food bloggers! I just wish I could learn/figure out/understand what you already have!

6 thoughts on “The Unknown

  1. Becky

    I can’t read the food blogs for the very reason you just mentioned. It makes me want a lot of bad food RIGHT NOW. Wayyy too risky for me!

  2. lauravirginia

    I understand!! I think I learned a lot by seeing a nutritionist in high school and also taking lots of health courses in college. You may also want to consider the type of “food” blogs. Sometimes I can’t read the ones that are all cookies and cake and brownies. Instead, I try to read the one that are geared towards healthy living because it encourages me!

  3. Shawna

    For me, the trick is eating simple, often uncooked foods that aren’t super seasoned or amazingly delicious. I love healthy food, but I don’t typically want to overeat it. 🙂 I like it enough to eat … enough, and not too much. If I cook things that I really, really like, I just have to overeat. So I have to keep a lot of salad stuff, fruit, and fish around in order to stick to a diet.

    Exercising regularly I have not figured out. Let me know if you find the answer.

  4. Sarah

    I try hard to cook things that are healthy, delicious and filling. The filling part keeps the portions containable. If I do make cookies or whatnot.. and I love love baking, I make them and take them to work. That way instead of eating 36 cookies in three days, I eat about 4. Still not good, but WAY better!

  5. James, a priorfatguy

    Smell it though the computer! Ha! Love it and completly agree. I have to practice avoidance. I have the will power of a puppy. I see, i eat it. Still working on that part too kiddo. Keep up the good work!


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