I have been racking my brain about school for a while now. 
As many of you might know, I took a almost 5 year absence from going to college shortly after high school so I could figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I went back to school in Fall of 2009 but was still pretty unsure of what track to take. So for the last year I have been piddling around with classes. 
This past summer I finally decided I wanted to do Hospitality Management and Event Planning. 25 years old and finally settling down with my commitment to a Bachelors degree. Sometimes I feel really behind! And it gets me down a little bit, but then I remember that it’s my life and at least I am CERTAIN on my college/career path. 
Recently, I have been given the opportunity to interview for a kick ass resort job in Germany!!! It’s pretty much sealed if I want it. Government job, living in Germany, traveling Europe, working in the field I love, and being super close to my family in Italy! What is there not for me to love about this? 
I could continue my education via distance learning. But I would have to go to a primarily all online school, or find a college with my Bachelors track. Get my degree, do what I love, and live somewhere amazing! Best of all worlds? Sort of…
This weekend as I was watching the FSU vs UF football game I realized how much I really WANT to go to Florida State University!! I get chills when the whole stadium rocks and 70,000+ are doing the War Chant. It’s a magical place for someone who has always known that is where they want to go. It also helps that the education is pretty stellar and the campus/town is spectacular! Oh — it also gets chilly there. You should all know I want more cold weather in my life!
I dreamed about it growing up. My oldest brother and my sister in law went to school there. My dad is a University of Florida alumni. My other brother is a University of Miami fan since he skipped college to join the army. So this is a family divided. 

I can’t let go of that dream of graduating in Garnet and Gold. I don’t think I can spend a year, or more, in Germany and put my education on hold any longer. I am so torn. I am weighing out the pros and cons of both choices. 
Such as: I will only be in Germany for 13 months, I can get my electives from a community college while away, Germany is once in a life time, and I am never to old to go back to school. But then again I don’t want to miss out on another college moment, I don’t want to be 30 when I walk the stage with my first diploma, and it’s time I get my life started! 

I have some choices to make, and quickly. Thanks for reading! :o) 

I will leave you with some of my favorite Seminole moments!


3 thoughts on “College

  1. Sarah

    Loving the pictures.. You can see how much you love the Seminoles.. 🙂

    Again, same brain waves.. I really think we are twins seperated at birth, like you said earlier.. lol.. While I’m not debating about anything as awesome as Germany, I am debating about what to do with my Bachelor’s Degree I need to start again. So much to think about..

  2. Brandi

    That is a tough decision..but if you don’t mind, I will put my two cents in. Experience means everything. If you do plan on coming back to finish your degree, the fact that you will have worked in Germany will mean so much on your resume. Having a degree is great but seriously, the work experience speaks so much more to employers. Plus, like you said, it is a once ina lifetime opportunity.

    Hope that helps you out a little. Good luck with your decision!


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