Hello Again!

Hey there! I have not blogged since my Fat rant last Monday! Yikes! 
I haven’t stepped on the scale in almost two weeks! Double Yikes! 
I haven’t done an official workout in a week! Ek! 
I haven’t tracked a single calorie in almost a week! Bad trend going on here! 

Actually, this break and separation from worrying about my weight has been AMAZING! I tried the intuitive eating thing out, and it worked pretty well. I am weak when it comes to food, so it will take a while to fully grasp and apply the concept. I did not obsess about how many calories everything was, or what portion sizes I was supposed to eat. I just enjoyed myself! 
I enjoyed my family, good food, excellent wine, a fabulous Black Friday shopping trip, and some really SUPERB football games! Including an in-state rivalry of Florida State vs Florida. My Noles whipped up on those Gators! 

I have no pictures because I am a slacker. And I decide to live this holiday from in front of the camera, instead of from behind it. I think my dad might have some pictures, so I will check with him!

I did get on the scale real quick this morning and was delighted to see that I had not tipped the scale back into the 190’s! Woohoo! I am really pleased with that. But I believe I am still up since my last weigh in. Oh well, Wednesday is official Weigh-In day, so I will report an official numbers then. 

I do want to give a shout out to Michelle, The Running Diva
She is running her FIRST marathon today! The Seattle Marathon! 
GOOD LUCK! You are going to do great!

Well, I hope that everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a great holiday weekend! And for those who were out shopping before dark, like me, I hope you found great deals!

5 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. Sarah

    I’m with ya on the lack of work out and tracking. I think the weather finally turning and the holiday season hitting me has made me less interested in keeping up with all that. haha! We’ll get back on track! Gotta do it soon, the holiday season is too long to breeze through!

  2. Sarah

    Seriously, this is just too scary.. lol.. glad you are back with us..

    Good luck with the intuitive eating.. I’m gonna have to look into that.. 🙂

  3. Brett

    Good luck getting back into the workout groove!!

    It’s hard to get going again, but I find if you just force yourself to do it somewhere halfway through you start to feel better.

  4. Becky

    This week was a rough week for me too! I tried the intuitive eating thing this week, but I think I am kidding myself about how many calories I am really eating. It’s probably double! I’m back on the regular ol’ counting calorie plan this week. I’ve been slacking too much!

    I hope you have pictures! And I want you to know that my sister went to FSU so I am very glad that they whooped the Gators’ butts! I love good rivalry games!

  5. sheshe

    It seems the week of Thanksgiving was hard for most of us. Once you get back into a workout routine you will feel much better. Don’t let the small mishaps take over!! Have a great week


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